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5 Travel Tools For Planning Your Family Adventure

When it comes to planning your family adventure, you have to work towards getting a convenient and inexpensive vacation. Your planning can be made easy if you know how to use various travel tools. If you are planning a trip with your family, there are tons and tons of online resources and applications that can help you in the pre or post booking stage.

We have listed down 5 of our favorite tools for planning your family adventure. These tools will not only inspire you to explore new places, but will also help you properly organize and plan ahead of your trip. Let’s begin looking at the 5 resources that can literally change a boring trip to fun and enjoyable.

1. Gogobot


Gogobot is very similar to trippy (covered below). It perfectly integrates with your Facebook profile so you can easily share your adventures by sharing photos, videos, check-ins and other stories. You will also occasionally receive recommendations from the ever growing community of Gogobot.

Both friends and strangers can give you advice on how to make the most out of your trip. Or if you are feeling adventurous, you can always search for advice on your own. Gogobot is a growing network of travels that now boasts over 1 million users. These users actively help, share and give advice on trips.

2. Gtrot

Gtrot is an amazing little application that can help you keep track of different activities happening in your town or towns that you plan to visit during your vacation. For example, if you want to keep track of restaurants in New York, you can add them into a list on Gtrot.

This is highly effective if you want to have a To-Do digital list. If that isn’t enough, Gtrot also allows you to search stuff in different cities. There are tons of experts on Gtrot who have made their profiles public where they occasionally add recommendations and suggestions. Each city has their own experts that will give you powerful but free advice for your trip.

3. Trippy


Trippy is the Pinterest of the travel world. It looks and operates quite closely to how Pinterest does. Recently however, Trippy has upgraded its user interface to include a whole new useful section known as the Vacation Planning.

This section effectively detects all your photos that you have saved on Trippy and places them on the world map, giving you a to-do list instantly. Trippy is now also integrate-able with Facebook timeline. With your permission, it auto-posts your updates when you are out there having fun.

4. TripTwit

Want to have incredible deals with hotels, car rentals, airlines and cruise companies? They occasionally post insanely good deals on Twitter, but if you don’t use Twitter too much or just can’t keep track of hundreds and thousands of tweets, we invite you to use TripTwit.

TripTwit effectively collects useful trips from all the companies mentioned above and presents you in a single page. That means you no longer have to skim through deals on Twitter and spend hours on finding attractive stuff. With TripTwit, simply set email alerts or find deals by destination.

5. HotelTonight


Most of the tools we featured on this list help with planning your trip. What if you want a place where you can go an instantly just book a hotel and go ahead with it. After all, not all of us like to do extensive planning.

If you are that kind of person, then HotelTonight is the perfect application to have in your tools list. It provides you with last minute deals on any rooms that remain unsold for the night.

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