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7 Countries that Said ‘Adios’ to Fossil Fuels & Run 100% on Clean Energy – Infographic

Clean Energy

Isn’t it ironic that countries with more people and brilliants minds are still debating on whether global warming is real or not when smaller countries have stopped debating and done the right thing?

It is pathetic to see that there are a lot of politicians who are seemingly blind with the reality of global warming. The worst part is that most of them already understand that global warming is real. They just pretend to not know the reality so they can continue getting campaign funds from huge oil companies.

It is sad to see that these elected officials are not doing the job for the people they serve but for these big companies that are inside their pockets.

It only means that if we want to see concrete changes, we need to start knocking these politicians out of office. As long as they remain in their position, there will be no changes. In fact, when Americans voted Trump to be president, he has made true of his promise to rescind environmental regulations.

He was not deterred by researches showing that global warming is real. He has also favored oil companies as his Secretary of State himself used to head the largest oil company in the US.

We can’t move in the wrong direction

Global warming is already felt in various parts of the world. Ice caps are melting. A lot of countries are suffering from massive floods. Tornados and typhoons have become more violent. None of these is normal. They were all caused by global warming.

If we keep moving towards the wrong direction, it is just a matter of time before almost everything on earth will be wiped out. The forest is depleting at a much faster rate. Natural rivers and lakes are drying up. Animals are running out of places to live.

Perhaps, these politicians don’t see the effects because they are only after their personal interest. However, if we put the right people in office, they will continue doing what is best in solving global warming.

It starts with one step

These small countries have proven that with will power, changes can happen. They have shown that with the help of the people and the efforts of their government leaders, fossil fuels can be eliminated as energy source.

This can have a ripple effect. If other countries move in that direction, they will soon be less dependent on fossil fuels. In fact, some big countries have proven it is possible. Denmark for instance has totally let go of fossil fuels and even have some to share with their neighbors.

Australia has also promoted the use of solar panels. They have provided funding to people who have decided to let go of their current power source and shift to solar panels. In short, there should be less talk and just actions.

The infographic below lists the countries that have succeeded in eliminating fossil fuels completely. They didn’t let oil companies stop them. They have also understood the power of their natural resources to provide for their needs.

7 Countries that Said 'Adios' to Fossil Fuels & Run 100% on Clean Energy

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