A Guide to Berlin’s Wurst Stands

You can’t visit Berlin without sampling a few of the estimated 2000 wurst stands. You’ll find them dotted along Berlin’s streets encircled by a meaty fragrance that means you just have to follow your nose to get to the next one. You can order your hot pork sausage just in a bread roll (Brotchen) to go, or ask for it chopped up and slathered in curry ketchup – a delicious blend of tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce and curry powder. In Germany, around 800 million servings are sold each year, so they’ve got to be good.

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The oldest

The longest serving wurst stand is Konnopke’s in Prezlauerberg under the U-Eberwalder Strasse station. Opened on the present site since 1930, Konnopke’s has been serving the city wursts ever since. Due to its location both locals and tourists flock to get their daily fill of wurst and most impressively the stand has survived both a world war and a dictatorship. The owner, 74-year-old Frau Ziervogel, says the secret of the success is the fact the recipe hasn’t changed since the first sausage was served all those years ago.

Open: Mon-Fri 10am-8pm | Sat 12-8pm

The healthiest

Curry 32 boasts ‘organic’ wursts. Located on Greifswalder Str. 32, at Hufelandstr you can see where they got the name from. Using all natural ingredients the wurst stand is popular among those who want the national dish, but without the guilt. The family run café has seating available for you to enjoy your wurst while watching the people go by. There are even tofu wursts available for the vegans among us.

Open: Sun-Thurs 10-10pm | Fri-Sat 10-12am

The traditionalist

Curry 36 is one of the most popular street food stands in Berlin and is so legendary they’ve even got a range of merchandise sporting the logo. Eat your wurst like a local and order it boiled and without its skin to really fit in. If that idea fails to float your boat you can always indulge in a little bockwurst, krakauers or even bouletten off the menu.

Open: Mon-Sun 9-5pm

The fanciest

Bier’s Kudamm 195, located at Kurfuerstendamm 195, serves currywurst on china plates with a glass of Champagne to go alongside. It’s a popular stand at night with partygoers gathering to sample the wurst and admire the photos on the walls of past celebrities. Don’t be surprised when you arrive late at night and see patrons scoffing the wursts dressed in evening gowns and full-on tuxedos – everybody loves Bier’s.

Open: 24 hours a day

The full range

At the currywurst kiosk in KaDeWe – the largest department store in Europe – you can choose from more than 1,200 types of sausage and smoked meats. Alternatively, you can buy all the gourmet ingredinets to take home and make your own bespoke version of currywurst, cooked to order.

Open: Mon-Thurs 10-8pm | Fri 10-9pm | Sat 9:30-8pm

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Image Courtesy by: saleemkhan