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I am a passionate traveler, and from the time I was a child, travel formed me as much as my formal education. I love to share travel journey by writing. In order to be grateful for cultures of another nation, one need to go there, know the people and blend with the culture of that country.

Oceania, Top Ten

Top 10 places of Australia

Australia, the land Down Under, is a captivating destination with a diverse range of landscapes, vibrant cities, and unique wildlife. Discover the top attractions this enchanting country has to offer by exploring some of the best places to visit in Australia. Best Places to Visit in Australia Adelaide This city, which has a population of...

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North America

Top 10 Florida Gulf Coast Beaches

Florida’s Gulf Coast is a haven for beach enthusiasts, offering pristine shores, crystal-clear waters, and a wealth of recreational activities. Get ready to discover the top 10 Gulf Coast beaches that promise sun-soaked bliss and unforgettable moments. 1. Siesta Key Beach Siesta Key Beach, consistently ranked among the best beaches...

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North America

Florida Summer Vacations

Florida is unquestionably a flawless summer spot. It offers superb summer attractions, delightful beaches, widely acclaimed landmarks, generally kept-up parks, and many historical sites. This article will direct you to the must-see places in the territory. Here are the best Florida summer vacations that you must look at. Summer Vacation...

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Travel Tips

Travel Tips for First-Time Travelers: How to Avoid Common Mistakes

Traveling is a perfect way to leave all your worries and hassles behind and embrace new experiences and thrills. It gives you an opportunity to witness the beautiful things around the world which you have been missing all this long. Exploring new cultures, meeting with new people, and discovering new places is another level of …...

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Christmas Events in Sydney 2023

Sydney loves to party and what better excuse than Christmas? The city is blanketed with festive decorations, including giant Christmas trees, twinkling lights, and colorful floral displays, and there are numerous events at which to get in the festive mood. Sing to your heart’s content, listen to a choir, shop until you drop, sample...

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