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Top 4 Bachelorette Party Destinations in Europe

With countless travel options these days, one can get anywhere in Europe for just a weekend or so to have an unforgettable bachelorette party. And depending on the bride and her group of friends, there are some really great and different destinations in Europe to celebrate an upcoming marriage!

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1. Rome

The Eternal city is a great place to celebrate a bachelorette party – particularly during the summer months when Rome’s nightlife moves out of the clubs and down to the river banks of Tiber river. If you happen to come during the winter months, there is still plenty of fun to have. In the capital of Italy, you can easily find wines from all over the country, and Rome has recently seen flourish of great new cocktail bars as well. If your group is more artistically inclined, then Rome is a great place to balance some cultural excursions with fun celebrations. And of course, no bachelorette party is complete without a boisterous, celebratory dinner with the wine flowing – and that is basically just guaranteed to be every night in Rome! Just remember, if you are traveling by boat, book Cabs4rome Civitavecchia taxi online for comfortable and convenient transportation to city centre and Rome airports.

2. Ibiza

Ibiza is the place to go to split your time between the clubs and the beach. Spend your evenings (and early mornings) at Ibiza’s famous clubs dancing away the bachelorette’s last single days. In Ibiza holidays spend your afternoons recovering at spectacular beaches with gorgeous sand stunning, warm water. Ibiza is easily reached via a short flight from Barcelona – so if you have the time combine the two destinations and spend a night or two in exciting Barcelona as well!

3. Tuscany

Do you have the kind of friends that are happy to just sit around a cozy fire while drinking a great bottle of wine? If that sounds like your group, then renting a house in Tuscany for a week might be the way to go. The scenery is spectacular and the wine and food are even better. Enjoy some girl time with just your friends – it will be hard to get away like this again once everyone is married! The region of Tuscany extends out to the coast, and encompasses the city of Florence. There is a small airport in Florence, or you can easily reach most parts of Tuscany via train or car.

4. London

For a bachelorette weekend that includes a night at the theater followed by a unique, delicious, dinner, you will want to head to London. This culture capital will provide plenty of activities for your group, and its recent renaissance as a culinary leader in Europe will provide plenty of meals for you to enjoy! As an international hub, you can find inexpensive flights to London from almost anywhere – and all of London’s airports are connected to the city center via trains.

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