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Diving in Paradise – Getting Down in Bora Bora

Scuba Diver

Whilst Bora Bora fares well as a popular destination for well-traveled honeymooners, don’t let the romantic image put you off. Adventurous types, water sports enthusiasts or those just raring to get involved in a multitude of unusual water sports won’t be disappointed in this stunning location, which is secluded from the rest of the world in the middle of the dazzling South Pacific Ocean. Particularly for divers, whether you’re amateur level and can barely form a legitimate doggy paddle, or have been doing it for donkey’s years, this location should be top of your ‘to go’ list.

Scuba Diver

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Why Bora Bora?

The biodiversity in Bora Bora is one of the best in the world; these multi-colored blue lagoons are home to more unusually colored fish than you’re likely to spot in Finding Nemo. (And yes, there are clown fish!) Sea turtles, dolphins, manta rays, leopard rays, lemon sharks and jack fish all parade around in their underwater territories, offering the most mind-blowing beautiful underwater safari for tourists brave enough to take the plunge.

Best Diving in Bora Bora

  1. The Aquarium
    Near the bottom of the islands is an area known as ‘the aquarium’ which is ideal for beginners. The maximum depth you can get here is only 16 feet, but that’s more than enough to see an array of tropical fish and get to grips with the basics. You can also bring a snorkel and flippers here if you don’t fancy a dive.
  2. Tapu
    A great shark dive area,here you can reach levels of around 130 feet deep, giving you a chance to say hi to eels, turtles, black tip sharks and the sweetly named lemon sharks (which are much more powerful than the name suggests) that inhabit this area. The black tips are more likely to be swimming around at surface level, whilst the lemon sharks will require you to dive a little deeper – so perhaps one for more experienced divers.
  3. Muri Muri
    Near the airport, this diving sweet spot will take about 30 minutes to reach by boat and will allow you to reach depths of around 130 feet. Expect to see turtles and giant barracudas in the deep open waters, and also the neon shades of parrot fish dodging in and out of the reef. Grey sharks are also frequently spotted in this popular diving spot.
  4. Tupitipiti
    This one is a little more difficult in terms of access as you’ll have to get here by private boat, but this location offers fantastic visibility and dramatic scenery with brightly colored fish darting in and around the caves and coral reefs (which you, too, can explore). This location is better for the more serious divers as it has quite a steep drop off, but offers you an unrivaled location – this is Bora Bora diving at its very best.

Diving Centers

diving in Bora Bora
There are a number of diving shops on the island which will sort you out whatever your level. You may even find that your hotel will arrange things for you, if you’re staying at one of the fancier locations. Bora Diving Center has great reviews from previous travelers, as do the three TOPDIVE centers located in various places around the island.

How to get Bora Bora

Getting there may pose a wee bit of a struggle, and will require you zipping across from Tahiti by air travel. When you begin to zoom towards the looming green Mount Otemanu and see your first glimpses of the blue lagoon, however, in all of its glorious shades,you’ll realise it’s been well worth the effort. The airport is situated on Motu Mete, which is one of the northern islets, and you can travel to the other areas easily by boat.
fish in borabora

When to go

There’s only one word for a Bora Bora summer – hot, hot, sizzling hot. This season takes place between November and April, and you may find yourself subject to an occasional tropical drenching. Winter is cooler and drier, and lasts from June to October. (Although it’s still a balmy 25C).

Where to stay in Bora Bora

The number of 5, 6 or even 7 star hotels on this small island is astounding – this place knows how to do service in style. If you’re struggling to find accommodation, you should check out previous traveler reviews on Holiday Check, although only look if you’re definitely planning to go – otherwise you might be struck down with a serious bout of holiday envy.

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