Don’t Do This When You Visit At China

  • Giving a Clock or a book as a gift. The phrase ‘to give a clock’ in Mandarin sounds too much like ‘attend a funeral’ and ‘giving a book’ sounds like ‘delivering defeat.’
  • Make your political commentary, such as “boy, not Mao killed many people, if your new friends to take the initiative. Many Chinese are big fans of Mao, as demonstrated by the daily lines on his mausoleum.
  • Check with your beau – to limit the PDA lovers.
  • Never leave your chopsticks upright in a bowl or press your cup with them
  • Do not write anything in red ink, if you are correcting the test. Red ink used for letters of protest.
  • Point the bottom of the shoe / foot on someone
  • Shake feet to tremble, not all happiness.
  • Do not touch anyone’s head.
  • offense in question, if you are married – and if you save more than 30 years and one, say “yes” no
  • Give too much attention to the object of someone else, they can bound it feel to give you
  • Wear free Tibet T-shirt if you want a lot of attention
  • Use these pretty gold / silver documents for the western style. This is for the spiritual and cultural Chinese.
  • Freak out if you don’t know what to do. If in doubt, simply, what the Chinese people see and follow their example.