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Exploring Australia’s Blue Mountains

If waterfalls, scenic views, impressive sandstone cliffs and an overall liking for nature is your thing, then why not take the trip to the Blue Mountains and say goodbye to the city-slickers of Sydney for a bit. Less than a two hour drive from the great city, you will start experiencing what the great outdoors in Australia offers. With trekking options ranging from easy to difficult, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Blue Mountains is an excellent city getaway for those keen on a trek through Mother Nature’s masterpiece.

Australia's Blue Mountains

A walk in the park

For people with young children or just not enough stamina to hike around the mountains for hours the Blue Mountains offer plenty of short walks. Try out some of these easy treks for a great family outing.

For great views without a lot of effort, take the half kilometre walk to the Erskine Lookout point. Here you will be able to enjoy some great nature views of lush landscape and wildflowers. From up here you will also be able to see the Jack Evans track and the Erskine Gorge.

For an easy 3 kilometers round trip route make your way towards the Fairfax Heritage walking track. Bring the whole family along for this amazing look out. The track is wheelchair accessible and easy enough for the little ones to tag along. You will experience amazing views of the striking cliffs of the Grose Valley. As you near the cliffs, get ready for the spectacular Govetts Leap Lookout. With a 180m drop to the base, this waterfall will mesmerize everyone who gazes upon it. Take a gander at the beautiful valley below and feel free to listen to the king parrots and yellow tailed black cockatoos for as long as you like.

Ready to walk in the footsteps of the great evolutionary theorist Charles Darwin? Then lace up those shoes and check out the 3.5km loop called the Charles Darwin Walk. Like he witnessed back in 1836, you can walk alongside the lovely Jamison Creek to the peak of Wentworth Falls. Breathtaking and scenic views can be had up here. Take notice of the blue haze caused by oils from the eucalypts leaves giving this mountain range its name. Birdwatchers will have the opportunity to spot some beautiful Australian native birds.

For the intermediate walker

So, you want to take on something bigger and better and perhaps test your agility? Try tackling some of these treks for an intermediate level trekker.

Probably one of the best nature treks you can take will be the Nature Track through the Blue Mountains National Park. This 3km looped track might be a short one, but it’s a moderately difficult track to walk. It will be worth it as soon as you set your sights on the amazing views, cool pools and lush rainforest. There is the Asmodeus Pool for a refreshing swim as well as the Floras Bath. On your trek be sure to make a pit stop at Isobel Falls for a bite to eat while you relax to the sounds of the waterfall.

For some serious scenery, the Prince Henry Cliff Walk is the track to follow. You will get some fabulous views of the Jamison Valley and enjoy three waterfalls along this 7km trek through the Blue Mountains. Not enough for you? Well how about getting to eye the iconic Three Sisters from the Echo Point Lookout? This trek is famed for offering some of the best views in New South Wales and you can expect over 20 lookout points while you wander this magnificent trail.

Think you’re a pro?

Alright showoff, so you think you can take on the big tracks through these mountains? Go for it. Here are some challenging treks that should only be taken on by those who can handle the heat and the adrenaline inducing adventure that lies before you.

For some epic views of this area take the rather difficult yet totally worth it trek through the Ruined Castle Walking Track. Take yourself down the Golden Stairs into the Jamison Valley and climb to the famous landmark, the Ruined Castle. Besides getting to see this awesome and peculiar rock structure you will be provided with more great views of the valleys below. Take your time trekking along this 4km track and enjoy the lush rainforest, waterfall valley views, and perhaps a picnic perched at the top of a rock while overlooking Cedar Creek Valley.

If you’re ready to spend the entire day trekking through this impressive mountain range then it sounds like you’re ready to take on the Federal Pass. Here you will be trekking a historical track from Leura to Ruined Castle. You will capture views of the epic Three Sisters, pass through a teeming rain forest, gaze upon beautiful waterfalls and stare in wonder at the dramatic cliffs that surround you. Here you can choose how you get back. Either tackle the trek back up Furber Steps or choose to catch the exciting train ride to the top and visit Scenic World. Depending on what tracks you choose on this trek, it’s about an 18km round trip trek.

The spectacular Blue Mountains range offers over 60 different trails just waiting to be explored. Which path will you choose? Are you a novice trekker just wanting a peak at the majestic mountain range, or are you a hardcore mountaineer ready to tackle any challenge set before you? Either way, the Blue Mountains will be able to accommodate your trekking needs and will surely have plenty offer. Always remember to exercise caution when trekking through any mountain range and be particularly weary of the harder treks that will be alongside cliffs. Always wear proper shoes while taking on trekking feats and bring plenty of water as the Aussie sun is relentless. Have fun on your journey through the fabulous Blue Mountains!

James Chatman writes for JC Limousines, a Sydney limo hire company.

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