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100% Free Travel Connections

Free Travel Connections

100% Free Travel Connections is your free service for connecting with individuals and groups who are travelling to the same location, whether it be for a conference and expo or business summit.

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We also cater for the college and university groups, who are travelling to the same location, for study or sporting events, this is your 100% Free Travel connection.

Great savings to be made on large group bookings for Airfares, Hotel accommodation and coaches, all you need to do is leave your travel arrangements, departure dates, group size, area you are travelling from, and anything else relevant to connecting with people who are travelling to the same expo, conference, or business seminar.

Just scroll down to the bottom of this page and leave your listing. Don’t forget to leave a picture of your team.

This is also a great opportunity to take your team on an adventure, as adventure activities are perfect for team building and consolidating management structures. Just remember, a happy team is a productive one.

Free Travel Connections, connecting people and businesses worldwide, Expo, conferences, business summits, go ahead make that connection, save money and make new business contacts.

Free Travel Connections

Expo Yeosu, Korea, 100% Free Travel Connections.

Expo 2012 Yeosu, South Korea,Korea Internation Exhibition Centre. Expo 2012 Korea will be held over three months between May 12th and August 12th 2012. The main focus is preserving the world’s oceans and coastal areas and the connection to economic development, the theme title is: The Living Ocean and Coast. 2012 world Expo Yeosu, Korea: Quote from South Koreas Prime minister, Han Duck-Soo: Quote: we are fully aware that to be the host is not only an honour but a very serious commitment.Only the cooperation of you and your countries as partners can we ensure that the Expo 2012 is remembered as one of the most successful Expos in history, End Quote.

History of Expos, Expos have been held since the Great Exhibition of 1851 , which was held in London England, since then there have been many Expos worldwide, there history is quite unique.

South Korea has beaten cities in Morocco and Poland to be the host of the 2012 World Exhibition, {Expo}.Exhibitions: Expo 2012 Yeosu, South Korea.Exhibitions at the world expo are varied and many, there is one that is simply amazing it is the Water Cube Pavilion, it is a H20 filled structure specifically designed and built to show the tremendous energy behind the world’s oceans.

The water filled enclosures also act as a climate control facility for the pavilion, when you’re inside the cube it is a bit like being inside an aquarium looking out, this is simply an amazing exhibition that will rival the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Don’t miss the, Water Cube Pavilion.

There will be an expected 7 million people attending the 2012 World Expo, YEOSU KOREA; the expected amount of money that will be injected in the economy is 10 trillion Won, or {11 Billion US dollars}.Yeosu, can be easily reached by 1 hour flights from all major Korean cities, the Korean’s have paid special attention to providing 50,000 new Hotel rooms and Condo rooms, which are in easy distance to the Expo, this will make things much easier for the multitude of excited travellers that will descend on this once in a lifetime World Expo.

Expo 2012 Yeosu, Korea.If you are considering travelling to this once in a lifetime World Fair, there is a way you and your family or group can save large amounts of money, just scroll to the bottom of the page and leave your travel arrangements, expected departure dates, number in group, etc., don’t forget a picture of yourself or your group.

Connect with other travellers who are going to this amazing World Fair/ Expo, save large amounts of money on group bookings for Hotels, Airfares, Coaches and Adventure Travel Activities.Expo 2012 Yeosu, Korea is a once in a lifetime event, I am going are you. ?

Just scroll to the bottom of the page to leave your listing so that other travellers can make the connection with you.

EEXPO Yeosu Korea: Leaders of State attending Opening cerimony

Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea: Leaders of state attending opening.Leaders of State attending opening cerimony, Question; Will President Obama be attending the opening cerimony for the Expo 2012 Yeosu, Korea, this could be an exellent opportunity for closer relations with this power house economy, there is also the great opportunity for President Obama to go into further talks with Korean heads of state concerning the world wide problem of the degredation of the planets environment.I am assuming the appearance of President Elect Mr Obama, will not be made public due to security restraints. 5/01/2012 .

Educated Guess: The South Korean government will be using the Expo 2012 Korea, as a platform for presenting , World Changing Scientific Environmental Discoveries related to Green Energy and Environmental Pollution Control, there is also a German Company who has been working in partnership with the South Koreans {Censored}. Let us hope there new discoveries make positive changes in this amazing world we live in, I wait with baited breath for these discoveries to be unveiled. Sub Note: Korea and Germany may have the answer to global warming.

Korea World Travel Fair {KOTFA}

KOTFA 2012 World Fair is being held at the Korea convention & Exhibition Centre, Seoul, Korea, between June 7th to 10th June 2012.The main proud sponsors of this highly focused World Travel Fair are as follows: Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, The UN-WTO, Korea Tourism Organisation.Main visions for the KOTFA, are to network and promote new innovations and ideas, product developments and services available to travel professionals and consumers globally.

KOTFA 2012International and domestic Tourism related organisations will receive worldwide exposure and recognition from WTO and the Korea National Tourism Organisation.

The Korea World Travel fair is expected to be attended by over 100,000 Travel Industry, CEOs, Managers and Travel Industry professionals, specialists in various sectors of the Travel industry, including many highly focused travel consumers.

KOTFA 2012, I believe this to be an amazing opportunity for cultivating new business contacts connected to the Growth Sector of the Korea Travel Industry, Adventure Travel Korea.

I would like to be invited to this premium Global Travel Fair so that I can learn more about ,Adventure Travel Korea market, including, Trekking Korea, Scuba Korea, Wildlife Korea, Culture Tours Korea and Business Expos Korea.Please could you contact me via our contact from, so that we may discuss prospects for the advancement of the Adventure Travel Korea sector? KOTFA 2012, this is a premium Global Travel Show, if you are involved in the travel industry I highly recommend you attend.KOTFA 2012 Exhibition & Convention Centre Seoul Korea, 7th June to 10th June 2012. Highly Recommended.

International Health Care & Medical Expo

International Health Care & Medical Expo 2012.The IWIN, the 6th International Health Care Exhibition will be held between the; 29th March 2012 and the 1st of April 2012, at the Busa Exhibition & Convention Centre Korea.

This Expo will provide the latest information on specialised Medical and Bio-Medical advancements.

There is to be an exspected 100 exhibitors, comprising 220 exhibitions.

Korea International Exhibition centre, Expo, Conference, Summit and Shows.

Korea International Exhibition Centre 2012.If you are going to attend the Korea world Expo 2012, please advise that there are many other interesting Expo’s, Conferences and shows that you can attend, here is a list of just a few that may interest you.

1. Soel, International Premium & House Hold Goods Show, 4th April To 7th April 2012.

2.Korea Study Abroad & Language Fair, 4th April To 7th April 2012.

3.Simto, Korea Medical Tools Exhibition, 7th April 2012 to 22nd April 2012.

4.Daegu, International Optical Fair 18th April to 20th April 2012

5.Jewellery Fair Korea, 19th April to 22nd April 2012.

6.Global Natural Foods & Machinery Industry Exhibition 19th April to 22nd April 2012.

7.International Exhibition on Environmental Technologies & Green Energy, 11th June to 15th June 2012.

8.Expo Comm Wireless Korea {World IT Show}, 15th May to 18th May 2012.All these events are being held at the Korea International Exhibition Centre. 2012.

If you are concidering attending any of these events please concider taking a break and having a look around Korea, there are many opportunities for liesure and Adventure Activites in this amazing country. Love Adventure Travel.

33rd Annual National Convention & Business Expo {USHCC}

33rd Annual National Convention & Business Expo {USHCC} 2012The United States Chamber of Commerce has come to the unanimous decision to hold their annual national Convention & business Expo in Los Angeles.This is the biggest meeting of Hispanic business people in America, the USHCC EXPO brings business organisations, Entrepreneurs, CEO,s , chamber of commerce leaders and highly respected business policy makers from across the USA, and abroad.This is the most valuable networking opportunity that attracts 5000 Hispanic business owners and chamber officials.

If you are a Hispanic Business Person, you simply cannot miss this amazing opportunity to grow your business through networking with other successful Hispanic Business people.If you are travelling to the 33rd Annual National Convention & Business Expo {USHCC}, why don’t you make a listing just scroll to the bottom of this page, this way you can save some money and meet other likeminded Hispanic business people, just scroll to the bottom of the page to make your listing.

Adventure Activities For team Building ?

Adventure Activities For team Building

Health and Fitness Business Conference & Expo

Health and Fitness Business Conference & Expo will be held in Los Vegas Nevada this year 2012.HFB will be sharing there Expo with Interbike, there are many reasons to come to the HFB Expo, you can network with other exhibitors and make contact with other Health and Fitness Entrepreneurs.This year promises to be both exciting and rewarding for Health and Fitness Business people from all over the United States.Don’t forget to make a 100% Free Travel Connection listing, just scroll to the bottom of the page, and provide your groups details.

15th Auto Expo Kenya International Trade Exhibition.

15th Auto Expo Kenya International Trade Exhibition.This Auto Expo will be held –May 2012, the presentation of products, Hi-tech Machinery and specialised automotive equipment from over 23 countries which includes trade representation from the following countries East and central African countries, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Somalia, Mozambique and the Congo.The biggest pavilion will be the China exhibition, which has representation from 20 companies. A strong emphasis is placed on attracting companies, importers/exporters from other countries.There will be the following products available in the exhibition held at the Kenya International Trade Exhibition1. Numerous types of vehicles, commercial vehicles, Motor Bikes and Quads.

2. Automotive Parts, Automotive body spares.

3. Tyres, New Technologies, Battery, Latium Technologies.

4. Garage/Service Station Tooling and equipment.

5. Special hi-Tech lubricants and Oils.

6. Vehicle security Technologies.

The key professional people that will be attending the 15th Auto Expo include Exporters/Importers, main distributors, Auto Dealership reps, Garage service station companies, Government Automotive Officials, bulk consumers, such as large companies that maintain large fleets of vehicles and car and truck rental companies.The 15th Auto Expo Kenya International Trade Centre promises to be one of the best Auto Expo’s for 2012, there will be excellent networking potential for automotive professionals from many countries.If you are travelling to this expo please concider the associated costs, Hotel, Accommodation, etc.100% Free Travel connections can help you to connect with other companies travelling to the same expo, make large booking and save big money on Air fares, accommodation.Just scroll to the bottom of the page to leave your listing, don’t forget to leave a picture of the team.

Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show.

2012 LOS Angeles Travel and Adventure Show, returns to Long Beach, UNICOMM has partnered with NBCLA and Los Angeles Magazine.The venue is the Long Beach Convention Centre, and will be held; 14-15 January.This amazing show is focused on Travel and Adventure, it is off particular interest to this writer, and I will definitely be attending, so that I don’t miss out on the opportunity to network with business people from around the globe who are involved in the Adventure travel and Outdoor gear market.The 20,000 people who are expected to attend this special show, they will be able to learn about exotic locations around the globe.They will also be able to get first hand advice from exhibitors of adventure products from around the world , these include, Zip Lining, Scuba Diving, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering supplies, just to name a few.This show is a must if you are interested in Travel or Adventure sport or activities, I am truly excited about attending, maybe you should consider coming along too, don’t forget to make your listing for Free Travel Connections, just scroll to the bottom and leave your travel information

India: Travel and Tourism Fair

Travel & Tourism Fair : will be India’s, premier Exhibition for Travel and Tourism India’s leading exhibition for the travel & tourism industry. They are going to provide fair and equal opportunities for companies from India and over sea’s, it is the perfect opportunity to show off their products and services connected to the Travel and Tourism Industry, it will be held at, Rajah Muthiah Hall Edgemore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India: January 2012.

Dive & Travel Expo Tacoma Washington USA.

Dive & Travel Expo, Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Centre, Washington, USA.{GTCTC} 21st April to 22 April 2012.Dive and Travel Expo 2012, is expected to be the premium Scuba Diving and Travel Expo for 2012.There will be Diving and Travel business professionals from around the globe attending.There will also be many Dive Shop owners and Resort owners attending, so if you are involved in the Scuba Diving industry or the Travel and Resort industries, it is a great way for you to keep up to date with the latest in Diving and Travel.There will be a large range of Exhibitions, Diving Equipment, Travel Kits, Resort supplies connected to Scuba Diving, this will be a great Diving and Travel Expo where you will be able to network with business people from around the world who are involved with the Diving and Travel Industries.100% Free Travel Connections.

100% Free Travel Connections

Yes thats right: 100% Free Adventure Travel Connections.

This is a free service to connect travellers.

Great discounts can be had, when you travel in groups, so come on, leave your information and details on your travel plans.

We cater for the following:

    • 100% Free Dating connections, if you are looking for that someone special, this is the place to find people who are keen on Adventure Travel, and finding that special person.
    • 100% Free Business Expo, travel connections, if your company is headed to an Business Expo overseas, this is your free connection service. Why not take your special Managers on a team building Adventure Travel Adventure, great for moral, and building team leadership skills.Please leave your details, there may be other companies travelling to the same Business expo, or business summit, cut costs, save money.
    • 100% Free Travel connections for College/University study groups travelling abroad.Just leave you travel details,there may be other groups travelling to the same destination, huge savings to made with large group bookings. And while you are over there why not indulge in some Adventure Travel Activities?


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