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Great Destinations to Fly Yourself to!

Have you ever fancied trying something a bit different for your holiday? Have you ticked all the boxes of unimaginative travel? Been there done that? Do you consider yourself to be a bit of a thrill seeker? Then we might have a great new idea for you…

If you were to head out for the day, you probably wouldn’t pay out a large sum of money for a chauffeur drive ride – you’d probably just drive yourself. Well, why does flying have to be any different? There are an increasingly large number of venues in the UK that offer flying lessons and once you’ve got your private pilot’s license, the world is truly your oyster. No more sitting in cramped seats next to a screaming baby on a long flight to continental Europe (unless you’ve got a young child of your own – but there’s nothing we can do about that!), you’re in control of your destination.

So now that you’ve got the whole of the world to choose from, where are you heading? Well it turns out you don’t have to go far from the shores of the UK to find some truly spectacular getaway destinations, here are 3 of our favorites within easy private plane flying distance.

1. The Isle of Man
Described by their local tourist board as, “A true adventure playground for lovers of the great outdoors” the Isle of Mann is an oft overlooked destination nestled between England and Northern Ireland in the Irish Sea, just 64 miles from Blackpool.
Boasting some of the best walking trails anywhere in the British Isles, along with more adventurous pursuits like water sports, mountain biking and white water rafting there’s plenty of activities to get stuck into. Alternatively you could check out the famous TT tour course that has brought the island so much exposure over the years or sample some of the culture on offer at the historic Gaiety Theater.

2. The Isle of Mull
Most of the people who claim to have explored the sweeping moors of Scotland have neglected to tick off the many surrounding islands, and of all of them the Isle of Mull is without a doubt the hidden gem. Steeped in history the island is a haven for pristine beaches, rare and fascinating wildlife and fascinating geology. The Abbey at Iona is particularly worth a visit, providing a rarely seen unspoiled glimpse of Christian custom and culture. Just a short 24 mile hop from the mainland Oban airport, the Isle of Mull is only 68 miles from Glasgow.

3. Jersey
Officially the warmest place in the British Isles, Jersey has been attracting tourists from the main land for many years. Many of whom end up making their holiday permanent and becoming residents! Such is the charm of the little island located just 16 miles off the coast of France 100 miles south of Portsmouth. With its beautifully unspoiled landscape and unique blend of both English and French cultures, Jersey is a wonderful alternative travel destination.

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