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A simple guide for the First time visitors to India

It is known to all that India is the most visited country from all corners of the world. Due to the immense attractions and tourist places.

Every year a lot number of new travelers to India come and go. But some may feel discomfort and uneasy at the first time. I hope this short guide will help how to make a successful trip to India with some tips.

Choose a perfect destination:

Before visiting India, plan a clear route to your journey in India from your home only. It means to take a decision perfectly where you want to go and what you want to experience there.

India is a place like where you can visit different destinations like spiritual places, adventurous places, relaxing and enthralling places, and historical places etc a lot more.

So have a clear thought about your journey in India and select the perfect destination as per your taste and interest.

Stay options:

After selecting the place where you want to go, the next thing you have to think about is stay options. So, go for a keen research about stay options at that place with the help of many websites and book the best one as per your wish.

Book a hotel which is nearer to your destinations and visiting places. It makes you not to strain more to get back to your room.


Indian recipes are well-known all over the world. You can choose a restaurant or hotel for your food. But never miss the Indian street food.

Why because street food in India at some places are so popular than restaurants. But choose the best one by knowing with the help of locals.


Indians are very friendly with a kind heart and helping nature. You can get support from the locals to reach your destinations. And select a local car or taxi for your journey throughout the place because their rates are reasonable. It will be better if you can learn some Hindi language words to communicate with locals.


Budget is the important thing you have to check before your journey because nothing will be free anywhere. Before visiting the place, you have to know the approximate rates at that place. And prepare a perfect budget for your journey.

Indian Festivals:

Plan your journey to India through the Palace on Wheels luxury train during some special festivals like Holi, Navaratri, Diwali etc. During the festival time, India will be with a different look which is very interesting and nice to see.

Through the festivals of India, you can catch up with the Indian traditions and customs. You may feel a little uncomfortable but you will experience the best in India.

Best time:

The best time to visit India is during monsoons. At this time you can see the beauty of the country. Favorable time to visit India is from October to February.


I hope if you follow these tips when you are visiting India for the first time you will be more interested to visit India again.

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