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Holidays In Cyprus

Think of holidays in Cyprus, where you can 300 sunny days a year and a classic Mediterranean landscape. It comes as no surprise that this is the island where romance is still governed. The ultimate proof of love, ever since Anthony gave Cleopatra Cyprus has stirred passions and this island offers the perfect backdrop for a luxurious holiday. Byron found almost too abundantly rich history of Cyprus and Richard the Lionheart lost his heart here when he married Queen Berengaria.

All inclusive Cyprus holidays demand to each type of traveler – seniors, honeymoon couples, party-loving singles and young families similarly. Wherever you are, you can expect beautiful beaches and sunshine all year round. We have at The Co-operative Travel all inclusive holidays in Cyprus for all passengers and all ages.

This beautiful Mediterranean island has so much to offer, from the golden beaches to extensive vineyards and wild mountain ranges. With 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, Cyprus is popular with sun seekers and culture buffs.

Playing its part in history, a countless of historical monuments from special civilizations can be found across the island. It is a wonderful selection of interesting archaeological and religious sites to see and visit.
The beautiful beach on the island is a major attraction and is popular for sunbathing and water pants. Try the delicious Cypriot dishes on one of the many cafes and restaurants on your Cyprus holiday.

When to go?

The summer months can be hot, so many people desire to book their package holidays in the spring or autumn. The weather is still hot and the tourist attractions still open, but the prices are low and the beaches uncrowned.

Holiday in Cyprus – a destination rich in history and culture
Cyprus is a destination with beautiful views, historic landmarks and azure blue sea. Rock of Aphrodite, among other religious sites, including Hala Sultan Tekke mosque is as popular with holidaymakers. Landscapes, rich flora is simply breathtaking and is favored by nature lovers.

Beautiful Landscapes
Just inside the bustling resorts and coastal areas will meet with you in another timeless village and landscapes Cyprus injured. Troodos Mountains are stunning and Byzantine monasteries and churches to give you an insight into the history of Cyprus. Local farmers are working hard to make delicious fruit and vegetables and wine grapes that will produce the ability to get something for your holiday Cyprus.

Aphrodite’s Rock
You will notice a strange rock formation with a large aspect, stating that the place where Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love was born and to be washed up on beach. It was then loaded with precious jewels, a gold crown and gold and copper earrings. Aphrodite’s Rock is a popular place for couple’s romantic holiday in Cyprus, especially at sunset.

Hala Sultan Tekke
This prestigious mosque is set in a forest near Larnaca Salt Lake and Hala Palma is famous for the tomb of Sultan – aunt of the Prophet Muhammad – who died in an Arab invasion of Cyprus in 648th Mosque itself dates from the 19th Century and its impressive domes and minarets in the distance to be visible.

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