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How I Learnt To Surf

If you’re like me and sit in a state of amazement and wonder ever time you watch a Surfing clip or TV show as you see these professional surfers casually race’s in and out of rapidly moving funnels of water whilst a 30ft wall of forcing sea water charges inches behind him! you may also envy them like i do and dream that one day you’ll be that good as them.

Being up for the challenge I thought I could master the waves with ease so I considered going surfing, but then it struck me! The chance to go surfing in many country’s is rather what limited… If you’re looking to learn you’re best bet is Australia or Hawaii so I looked into the two locations and ended up with a great deal from Australia sky The Australia holiday niche tour operators who arrange a tailor made surfing holiday package for me holiday in Melbourne.


I was so excited about going on surfing adventure so I went and bought my very own wetsuit and other surf attire so I’d look the part on my arrival! The day finally came when jumped on the long haul flight over to ozland to start living out my surf inspired dream!

I slept for the majority of the flight so when i awoke my spirits were high and i was raring to go! I stayed at the langham hotel by the harbour and was thrilled by the legendary class the hotel held, but all i could focus on was hitting the beach tomorrow and riding the waves so i hit the sack early.

i awoke to the lovely song of ocean gull and other maritime sea birds, hot rays of sun shone brightly through my windows as I swiftly suited up and hurried down to the beach to greet my teacher.

His name was tom and he’d been surfing all his life which gave me great confidence that’d I’d be surfing like a pro within the week! He presented me with a huge foam board which apparently is the easiest to learn on, we started learning the paddling technique’s on the beach which I accordingly mastered in seconds although when trying to execute my learning’s in the sea they turned out to be a different kettle of fish!

I finally stood up after a frustrating hour of forever falling out which felt amazing! Within the next week my skills went from strength to strength and I must say I am now a confident surfer; even so that i bought my own board ready or next year when I my ametaeur return. I recommend holidays to Australia if you had the same dream as me and want to learn how to surf like a pro!.

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