Mauritian Tourism

There’s numerous dangerous places in the world you’re more than likely to across take for example south-east London, new York or Mexico city! if you rely on you’re common sense you’ll ever rarely find yourself in a dangerous situation, i know as iv’e been on Mexico holidays multiple times already and I’ve never come across and spot of bother and Mexico’s supposedly has the worlds biggest crime rate.

yet another tourism dependent country has been launched into the media spotlight and labelled “dangerous” and that is the small Indian ocean country of Mauritius, i’m not singing the nations praises and claiming its the safest country, but by no means is it the most dangerous.

Few facts about republic of mauritius

  • roughly 100,000 British tourists visit the country every year
  • low terror threat
  • you should have travel insurance on you’re visit this applies to any country you travel to
  • petty crime is a occurring trouble in many of the orotund cities
  • appropriately 1.7% of the homeland people are infect in with AIDS/HIV

These aren’t huge problems compared to other countries I don’t see why the worlds freaking out because a innocent Gaelic woman was murdered in her hotel at the world famous legends resort and the corrupt staff who committed the unlawful crime have been caught and will face what’s in store for them.

Avoid being a victim of crime by:

  • Journey alone particularly at night and even more so if you’re female
  • Separating yourself from your belongings
  • If you’re drinking in the towns or cities make sure you have enough money for a taxi back to the resort (make sure cab is licensed)
  • Keep your wallet in a tight fitted deep pocket or a bum bag
  • Traveler’s checks are far more sensible, then carry small change for bits and pieces.
  • Don’t wave large amounts of money or your flashy new camera around in public.

So if you’ve got far east holidays or Indian oceans Holidays in the pipeline which are countries in the same region and have the same of societies and cultures as the “dangerous” country of Mauritius, don’t cancel or get paranoid that’ll you’re doomed if you go, just go on your holiday, relax and enjoy the experience and keep your wits about you.