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Packing Tips: What to Wear on a Holiday in the Algarve

Are you heading to the Algarve for your next holiday? This gorgeous coastal region of Southern Portugal has amazing food, ancient ruins, sandy beaches, lots of culture and pretty much everything that you could wish for in a sunny European getaway. It also offers a lot more value for money than some other Southern European destinations.

packing tips

If you have never been to the Algarve before, you might be wondering what you should pack for your holiday. Here are some tips on what you will want to wear during your trip:

City Smart and Beach Casual

When you are relaxing on the beach in the Algarve it is pretty much acceptable to wear whatever you like. You will see many people wearing swim shorts, bikinis and perhaps even sunbathing topless. Within the beachside tourist resorts the acceptable clothing is t-shirts, shorts, sundresses and sandals. Keep in mind though that if you are dining at restaurants or drinking at bars on the beach you will need to have a shirt on and be wearing some sort of footwear.

Bring more than one swimsuit with you, because you will want to have a dry one to change into if you go swimming two days in a row. Also, pack a swimsuit in your carryon luggage in case your flight gets delayed, so that you will not miss out on any beach time.

However, if you will be walking around in the major cities such as Faro you will want to dress is a smart and casual, understated yet elegant style. Walking around down the city streets in your bathing suit might make you look like a hapless tourist and could result in some unwanted attention. Women can wear skirts and shirts or trousers and men can wear trousers and neat looking shirts. Try to choose fabrics in lightweight materials, as they will keep you cool in the hot weather.

What Footwear to Bring

If you will be staying at a beach resort, flip flops or sandals will usually be appropriate 99% of the time. However, you might want to bring along a pair of shoes which are a little dressier if you plan on dining in an upscale restaurant or going to a swanky nightclub.

If you plan on taking a jeep safari into the Algarve countryside or exploring ancient Roman ruins, take along a pair of trainers or hiking shoes for navigating the rough and uneven ground.

Protection from the Sun

The Algarve is very hot and sunny and when you are out and about exploring you will be at risk of being sunburned. Make sure that you bring along plenty of sunscreen and you apply it every day. You might also want to wear a broad-brimmed hat to protect your head and face from the sun, as well as sunglasses.

During the Off Season

If you are visiting the Algarve during the off season, the weather will still be pleasant but it will not be as hot as it would be during the peak months. There will still be sunshine, but there could also be periods of rain and chilly evenings.

Be sure to pack a raincoat and an umbrella with you in case you get caught out in the rain. Also, dressing in layers is always a good idea so that you can take off some layers if the sun comes out or add more layers in the evening.

Now you are ready to get packing and head to the Algarve to enjoy your holiday! Have a wonderful time!

If you are heading out on a holiday to Monte da Quinta in the Algarve, here are some tips for what to wear.

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