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Safaris In Africa

Safari’s can be horrifically dangerous which is why you’re adventure is led by a guide who’s expertise is bush survival. The hot conditions our the biggest killer in Africa as the sun’s burning hot rays leech the moisture out of any living creature or thing leaving them exhausted, fatigued and dehydrated this is only one of the issue’s you’re guide will know how to handle including other safari issues like venomous snake bikes or creature attacks Africa Sky safari tour operators will clearly state.

Safaris In Africa

You’ll come to see Luxury safari holidays Are much more pleasing when you’ve done some background research previous to you’re trip so you can actually tell what you’re looking at?! Well done for those of you who’ve scoured the internet for some facts on the animals and wildlife, now you won’t have to feel dim witted and silly anymore by asking completely irrelevant questions to the tour guides.

I’ve been on Kenya Safaris and two holidays to the coastlines of South Africa even though i didn’t actually visit the Kruger national park (I went to the Serengeti in Kenya) I’ve heard they are very similar especially in there wildlife variations, first of all I had the choice between the two but I finally chose kenya as I could combine it’s tropical beaches into my safari holiday which was a great bonus!.

I also got the opportunity to see the nature phenomenon of the annual “wildebeest migration” which was due to start a week before I touched down in Kenya, The migration has been labelled the greatest natural show on earth as millions of wildebeest migration to the southern border of Tanzania looking for greener pastures and cooler climate conditions, with them doing so they sculpt landscapes, fatigue grassland and lakes and embrace a unique ecosystem when follows them throughout the elongated journey, the spectacle of it all was amazing and ultimately bought to life the the true meaning of the word “STAMPEDE!”

Image Source: stockvault.net/photo/133551/kruger-park-elephants

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