Travel Tips

Safe Travels Are All We Seek

Every one of us has at least once in our lives hitched a ride from one place to another. However, while the act itself seems rather trivial, hitchhiking with the wrong people can cost you your life.

The story of Colleen Stan, the girl who spent 7 years in a wooden box as a sex slave, has all of us rethinking our safety. Imagine the trauma this girl would have endured along with the pain her parents and loved ones went through every day their daughter was missing.

That being said, one’s safety and security must never be compromised upon. Today’s digital era has revolutionized the concept of safety all the while allowing people much more independence and freedom. Using spying applications like TheOneSpy can help keep you safe without you even noticing.

How to ensure your safety with monitoring applications when you travel

Monitoring applications come with a wide array of features that can benefit you in different situations and settings. These features can be used by parents, employers, spouses and even other loved ones. At the end of theday, your safety is all that matters!

monitoring applications when you travelLet your location be known

When you register yourself with a monitoring application, you receive a cloud storage space which backs up all the data received from the target gadget. So when it comes to tracking your location, the monitoring application will pick up multiple GEO tags and save your location as you move around.

Anyone with access to the cloud storage space will be easily able to check your whereabouts and tag you down. This is an ideal option for kids who option travels inter or intra cities alone.

As parents, you can always know where they are and even mark the “no entry zones”. Basically, when you set preferences to where your kid can and where he/she can’t go, you are setting up a virtual boundary wall. Any breaches to this boundary wall will automatically be notified to you via SMS.

Your calendar speaks volumes!

As your kids grow older they start setting up calendars and marking different activities happening around them that they plan on becoming a part of. Most of the time, digitalization allows various calendars from different sites to get integrated into one for ease.

As parents, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on these calendars to know where your kid plans on being in the coming days. As kids and teenagers, you don’t have to worry about repercussions from parents about not notifying them of your ever move since they will already know.

Calendars help make predictions. So basically when you feel that your kid is about to get involved in some activities that are not scheduled to take place at a decent time or decent venue then you can speak to them prior to the event and sort it out.

Calendars are also usually linked to address books. So by tapping into your kids’ calendar, you are also tapping into their circle of friends and peers that will help you get a better idea of who they usually hang out with or are planning to do so in the near future.

Recording your surroundings

Remember those cool spy movies we were always impressed with as kids? Well, your monitoring application has the ability to convert your phone into a spy gadget. This means, your phone can be bugged in two ways:

  1. Bugging the Mic

This feature allows parents to hear conversations taking around the target phone. If God forbid something happens, authorities can hear the surroundings of the target phone and narrow down the situation. In another situation, parents can hear their kid’s surroundings make sure they are not hanging out in the wrong crowds.

  1. Bugging the camera

This feature works exactly the same way as bugging the Mic feature works except for one difference; it captures pictures and records videos of the surroundings of the target phone. This means, along with hearing, you can also see what is going around the victim, in case something happens.


It is important to understand that crime rate and viable interventions are positively related to one another. This means while the number of crime rates increases, the different interventions to avoid crimes also increase. However, it is up to us to find the right intervention method that suits our lifestyle and needs.