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Sports Holidays to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

They love their sport in Pittsburgh! And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a spectator sport, extreme sports or just playing around for fun, they love it all. Remember the next time you travel to the United States to visit Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. If you love sport you can join in with the locals, to give you some ideas, here’s our guide to sports travel in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Catch a Baseball in Pittsburgh

Baseball is a bit like rounders with big bats and is rarely played outside of the United States even though the clubs compete for the “World Series”. You may not know much about the rules or even the aim of the game, but it must be amazing because each week over 38,000 fans pack into PNC Park to watch the Pittsburgh Pirates – and they make a lot of noise! Grab a hotdog, nibble on some popcorn, down a beer or six and cheer along with the rest of the crowd. You’ll have great fun!

Bungee Jumping into a Cave

Admittedly it’s not for everyone, but if you imagine the after-thrill of adrenaline you will get from bungee jumping into a cave and you have to admit you could be tempted. If hurling yourself into a chasm does appeal to you then Pittsburgh is the place to be. There they have a social club known as the D4DR Club which is geared towards individuals who enjoy living on the edge for a few hours and buzzing for days afterwards. We think bungee jumping into a cave fits into that category, don’t you?

White Water Boating in Ohiopyle State Park

The Youghiogheny River in Ohiopyle State Park, Pennsylvania is a paradise for people who like bombing along whitewater rapids on a rubber raft, canoe or kayak. Because of the fluctuation in current in different parts of the river, it has been marked out for different levels of expertise, so is suitable for beginners as much as it is for experienced canoeists who like a challenge. Even if whitewater boating is not your thing, Ohiopyle State Park is still worth a visit as there are plenty of other sports and activities you can do there as well such as hiking, hunting, bicycling, horseback riding and fishing among other things.
Touchdown with the Pittsburgh Steelers

American football is another of those sports where the rules are not widely known outside the US, but most people, men at least, will have watched at least one Superbowl final in their lifetime. The atmosphere is awesome isn’t it? If you’re a sports lover travelling to America you almost certainly have to check out an American football game and the Pittsburgh Steelers is a good a place as any to start. Grab a hotdog, nibble on some popcorn, down a beer or six and cheer along with the rest of the crowd. Hang on, this is starting to sound like baseball!

A New Stadium for Pittsburgh Penguins

Built in 2010, the Consol Energy Center is all mod-cons and the home to Pittsburgh Penguins, the NHL ice-hockey team. Fast-paced, rough and with plenty of goal-mouth action, ice-hockey is a brilliant spectator sport that incorporates dances, songs and chants of fight, fight, fight…plus you can grab a hotdog, nibble on some popcorn. You know what to do. Sports travel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – you’ll love it as much as the Americans!


We hope that you enjoy your sports holiday in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. If you are looking to hire a car for your trip to Pittsburgh then visit cheap car hire in usa from carrentals co uk. Sports holidays in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – you’ll love it as much as the Americans!

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