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Three Tips That Will Stretch Your Business Travel Budget

“Corporate travel” — that’s a term that sounds so cool and professional, maybe even a bit glamorous. But the reality is so far from fantasy. Corporate travel is not the all-expense paid extravaganza that we envision. In fact, budget is a very real concern for corporate travelers — and when you realize that their budget can be quite frugal, then you’ll know that travelling on business can be a challenge for any businessman.

Sticking to your budget means learning how to properly spend your money and using ingenious ways to pay less or not pay at all for many kinds of services and activities.

Below are some really cool tips you can follow to help stretch your business travel budget.

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Divide the cost among your colleagues

There are a lot of things you need to buy or pay for where you can pool your money with your colleagues to pay for. If you are travelling with some colleagues (this is the typical situation for business travel) ask your colleagues to share in the accommodation. Book a serviced apartment instead of a hotel and since you’ll be living in one unit you can share the cost equitably. You won’t even have to worry about privacy because most apartments have more than one bedroom so you and your office mate can retire to your own private rooms.

Start cooking

Serviced apartments are again a great place for making big savings because they have kitchens that are fully working. One of the biggest culprits in putting a serious dent in your travel budget is the food situation. Eating out regularly can really tax your budget because restaurants can charge high prices for food. By cooking in your apartment you can gain huge savings. The savings become even more significant if you and your colleagues share in the grocery expenses. It’s also a healthier way of eating because you can control the kind of ingredients you buy and the dishes you prepare.

Get a midweek flight

Here’s a really cool tip from business travelers. Book a flight during the middle of the week and expect lower prices compared to rates for weekend flights. The reason for this is that midweek flights are not as in demand as weekend flights so airlines will typically offer a reduction in fares.

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Derek Gallimore is the director of City Marque, a company that operates and hires out service apartments in London.

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