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Take a trip of hot air balloon

Wishes to fly. … For many, it remains a very old dream of childhood.

But all are craving to realize his vision into reality, at least one step closer to what previously only dreamed of. What did not invent men, which only falls and failures were not caught up with them on the road until an era of ballooning and balloon not entice first air traveler upwards.

And now, even after a number of years, balloon, perhaps, is the only device that allows balloonist to really stick, become one with the sky. It gives the feeling of freedom, infinity and immensity of the sky, preventing at the same time to forget about that man’s house – on the ground.

hot air balloon

A wonderful time of launch. … From the burner flames erupt, gradually filling the shell of the ball with warm air, breathing life into it. We own eyes see how waking up almost a living creature. Vzduvayas, the ball begins to fill, grows, gradually overshadowing the sky, swaying taking shape, and then slowly begins to odnimatsya. Perhaps, in these moments, the soul also begins to fill the balloonist is a ball, as if making brighter colors, clearer outline.

Yes start hot air balloon remain a matter of seconds. On approaching feeling of the sky, the soul unfolds something bright, alluring and inviting. So, given a farewell volley ball burners … slightly twitches … time job, … the land is gradually carried away farther … and here it is, a miracle, those distant, unattainable dreams become reality.

Time, though, stops, hangs around silence, breathing stops. There is only a traveler, Ball and endless sky! Surely, those who have never flown in a balloon, stopping only a sense of self-preservation, however, it should be noted that the ballooning – the safest form of active recreation minimal likelihood of any accidents in the air. Plus, the compulsory insurance of our passengers.

Aeronautics – it is not only romantic and unforgettable experience, but also the engine of trade, in fact on board the hot air balloon can place the ad company logo! And remember: nothing attracts the eye or an ordinary person, like floating above the earth-colored giant playing paint in the sun!