Tasmania Travel

The island of Tasmania is Australia’s minimum and most southerly state. With no land to its west before Africa, and nothing but Antarctica to its south, Tasmania can seem an isolated and forbidding place, lashed by cold winds and rain from the Southern Ocean. This was certainly the impression it gave many convicts who were transported from England to serve out their lives in the penal colonies established by the British in the nineteenth century.

However, there is another side to this island which today draws ever growing numbers of adventurous souls. The rugged interior holds some of Australia’s wildest mountains, forests and rivers – wilderness to be compared equally with that of New Zealand or Patagonia. For others, the colonial heritage is of interest, as well as the common pleasures of resting in one of the world’s more quiet and welcoming places. And although the winters are wet, the summers are filled with long hot days that can be spent lying on beaches of the purest quartz sand and clearest turquoise seas.

Destination of Tasmania

Tasmania is an amazing place to go on holiday in Australia. It has a wide range of quaint historical towns, amazing wilderness, gourmet restaurants and wineries, adventure activities and many more reasons to visit.

Devonport:  Devonport is situated on the North beach of Tasmania and is the influx port for the guts of Tasmania Ferry. Devonport is placed around the mouth of the Mersey River and faces towards the mainland of Australia overlooking the Bass Strait, a body of water approximately 250 kilometres wide that separates Tasmania. It is a first-class preliminary point for your Tasmanian holiday and tours.

Launceston: The city of Launceston Tasmania is situated at the top of the charming Tamar Valley. It is Tasmania’s second major town and one of Australia’s oldest imposing settlements. The city is also very close to the scenic Tamar Valley which is famous for a number of world-reknowned wineries… perfect for an afternoon wine tour. There are lots of other reasons to visit this charming Tasmanian city as well counting gourmet restaurants, attractive parks and comfortable accommodation and hotels.

Cradle Mountain: Cradle Mountain Tasmania is world-famous for its amazing wilderness and hiking tracks. It is a very popular place to visit for tourists who are traveling through Tasmania because of its beautiful alpine scenery.

Strahan: The town of Strahan Tasmania is established on Tasmania’s wild and rugged west coast. Strahan is surrounded by some of Tasmania’s most gorgeous wilderness, but is also near Queenstown Tasmania where the landscape has been eerily changed thanks to the negative effects mining. There are a number of accommodation selections in Strahan and Queenstown Tasmania. Both towns offer good services to use as a base to explore the surrounding wilderness.

Hotels of Tasmania

Lenna Of Hobart: Lenna Of Hobart is a Battery Point Hotel located in Battery Point.

Cradle Mountain Lodge: Cradle Mountain Lodge is a Cradle Mountain Hotel located in Cradle Mountain.

Comfort Inn Sunrise Devonport: Comfort Inn Sunrise Devonport is a Devonport Hotel located in Devonport. Placed in a picturesque setting and offering luxurious accommodation, the Comfort Inn Sunrise is an ideal place to enjoy the peace and serenity.

Hamlet Downs Country Accommodation Hobart: Hamlet Downs Country Accommodation Hobart is a Fentonbury Hotel located in Fentonbury

Bears Went Over The Mountain Geeveston: Bears Went Over The Mountain Geeveston is a Geeveston Hotel located in Geeveston

A Tamar Valley Resort Launceston: A Tamar Valley Resort Launceston is a Grindelwald Hotel located in Grindelwald. Assuring high standards of comfort.

Elms Of Hobart (Hotels): Elms Of Hobart is a Hobart CBD Hotel located in Hobart CBD. Turn back the clock and experience warmth, elegance.

Auldington Launceston: Auldington Launceston is a Launceston Hotel located in Launceston.

Woodbridge On The Derwent: Woodbridge On The Derwent is a New Norfolk Hotel located in New Norfolk.

Parsons Bay Retreat Port Arthur: Parsons Bay Retreat Port Arthur is a Nubeena Hotel located in Nubeena.

Fox & Hounds Inn Port Arthur: Fox & Hounds Inn Port Arthur is a Port Arthur Hotel located in Port Arthur.

Country Club Tasmania Launceston: Country Club Tasmania Launceston is a Prospect Vale Hotel located in Prospect Vale.

Quality Inn Prospect House: Quality Inn Prospect House is a Richmond Hotel located in Richmond.

Scamander Beach Resort Hotel: Scamander Beach Resort Hotel is a Scamander Hotel located in Scamander.