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Journey Around The Globe – Tips For Saving Money

Journey Around The Globe

With more and more nations opening their borders to the world, there’s never been a better time to get out and explore the world. Whether staying in five-star luxury all the way, or breaking in walking boots off the beaten track, journeying the world can be an expensive affair for every traveler.

Those serious about exploring the globe should be prepared for adventure, with a new set of surprises to tackle at every turn. However, by sticking to a few key tips and tricks for travel success, it’s easy iconic landmarks and far flung lands, without breaking the bank.


Preparation makes the perfect trip

It pays to do some reading before planning a trip, let alone packing for one. Those looking to spend months, if not longer, away from home should make sure everything back at home base is completely catered to before leaving.

Bills, rent and utilities should all be paid up, or other arrangements taken care of. Adventure seekers looking to circumnavigate the globe on their travels should have their first few destinations planned out in as much detail as possible.

Advance flights for the first leg should get any trip off to a budget-friendly start, while the good old fashioned railway makes a much more affordable option in most places across the world.

Knowing what each destination and host city offers is also essential in getting the most out of every place. It’s easy for tourists to waste days and weeks of their trip to indecision and simply not knowing the place well enough.

Digesting a few guide books and having a search engine ready will help visitors better prep for their trip and bucket list.

Save money every day with voucher code discounts

A great way to make serious savings every day, voucher codes can be used to save money on everything from meals and drinks, to train tickets and international airfares. Savvy coupon hunters can dramatically cut the cost of living whilst travelling, with super savings all important meals, along with huge discounts at attractions to ensure they get to see the best of everywhere.

It pays to check back as often as possible, with new and exclusive voucher codes added by the hour. Also before booking a holiday money can be saved on sites like couporando.

Avoid big events and festivities

Unless they make up a significant checkpoint as part of a trip to-do list, staying clear of any big celebrations and festivities in destination cities will help travelers save, wherever in the world they’re staying.

Guesthouses and hotel chains tend to hike up their room rates around the time of any big annual events, knowing many guests will happily part with extra cash. Sometimes, getting to be front in line at the parade or concert isn’t worth paying the heady premium.

Always book in advance

Whether its discount airfares or great savings on room rates, booking in advance often yields the best results when trying to bring trips in under budget. The rules vary depending on the airline and carrier, departure point and destination, but for those committed to big savings, browsing the flight lists months in advance is often necessary, but can land massive savings in the hundreds.

Even when left until late in the game, there’s still plenty of hidden gems to be found. Many scheduled flights will unload their unsold seats two to three weeks before departure, often at a heavy discount.

When it comes to making a saving on room rates, there’s a little more room for maneuver. As with most other services, getting in early will yield the biggest deductions. For those who’ve scored the last minute ticket to a must-see concert, it can often be tricky to find hotels and rooms to accommodate available budgets.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t cheap rooms out there. Those looking for a room who can speak the local tongue should enquire at local hotels and guest houses that aren’t filled to capacity, then try and haggle for a discount dependant on availability.

Get to know the locals

If travel itinerary is flexible, then it can be hard to know just how long you’ll be in town. For those new to a country, just getting by in everyday exchanges can be difficult, especially when the language is an unfamiliar one.

It’s simple to navigate around those hurdles by immersing in local life and getting friendly with the locals, particularly those who speak English. Newcomers to town should tout the local bars and restaurants to help build a new social circle.

Life’s a lot easier in a foreign land with a few friendly faces speaking the same tongue, while visitors can also learn the finer ins and outs of local culture.

If you can sustain yourself by working whilst away, the extra income will go a long way in some countries. Perfect for adding the occasional touch of luxury to an otherwise frugal getaway, some find freelancing not only supports their living costs but allows them to save and bolster their backup funds. If you’ve got a laptop, smartphone and halfway marketable vocation, be sure to sell your skills whenever possible.

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