Top Remote Destinations In India

India has the reputation of being one of the top leading countries in the world. It will not be wrong to say that India has some of the most exotic, colorful, eventful and popular tourist spots around the globe. India has a diversified landscape from Kashmir in the north to Kanya Kumari in the south. Among these there are many remote areas in India which are not that popular yet as a tourist site, but which demand your attention if you are a tourist in India.
Remote Destinations In India
Here we will discuss about some of those remote tourist destinations in India that people should fall in love with.

The Panna Tiger Reserve Forest

The Panna Tiger Reserve Forest in Madhya Pradesh is only 25 km from Khajuraho. Here you can get the sights of Cheetal, Nilgai, Sambar, Langoor, Wild boar and Jackal on a regular basis. The beauties of the waterfalls and gorges along the Ken River are mind-blowing. More than 12,000 wildlife watchers regularly come to this Reserve Forest annually. This is the most beautiful place for tourists for enjoying waterfall.


Kodaikanal is a city situated in the hills of Din Digul district in Tamil Nadu. Kodaikanal is regarded as the Princess of all the hill stations in India and has a wonderful cool climate throughout the year.The hills form the eastward spur of the Western Ghats in South India. Grasslands and meadows cover the hillsides and huge shola forests and Eucalyptus trees flourish in the valleys. Cascading streams and mighty rocks rise up from the valleys. Many high waterfalls and flower beds are present all over the region. A waterfall enroute Kodaikanal has scenic attractions which are enjoyed by the visitors and make it a frequent romantic destination for the new married people.


The headquarters of ISKCON is Mayapur. You can come to this tourist spot from Kolkata and Krishnanagar on road and there is also a ferry service across the Bhagirathi River from Nabadwip. There are many temples in this tranquil and pristine place, which are worth a visit. Foreign nationals from all parts of the world assemble here regularly to worship Lord Krishna, a powerful Hindu deity.


Kashmir is one of the most world famous place. But Achabal is a beautiful place in Kashmir which has an exotic garden made in the Mughal Persian style and is 58 km from Srinagar. Among the best Mughal gardens of India, Achabal is one of the best garden. Daksum is situated among the splendid springs of Kokernag at an altitude of 2438 meters and it is a walker’s paradise with gurgling streams, coniferous trees and grassy meadows where the sheep graze. Kokernag is situated at a height of 2,020 meters and 70 km from Srinagar. Kokernag is reputed for its sprawling gardens with the air full of fragrance due to the numerous flowers that bloom in this region. People should visit this place along with famous places of Kashmir.


Situated at an altitude of 760 meters from the sea level, Bijanbari is a tourist spot in Darjeeling district of West Bengal. This place is around 25 km from Ghoom in Darjeeling. The journey offers the tourist fantastic scenery and views through numerous mountain streams and hilly terrains. Tea estates are the main attractions here. You can even trek to Singla Bazaar and Relling from here. You can get accommodation in local lodges and the nearest railway station is at Jalpaiguri. Apart from these above mentioned places, there are also many other remote areas in India which are a must-see for any tourist. Among these, the Northeastern states of India, Ranakpur in the Aravalli Hills of Rajasthan, Malshej Ghat in Maharashtra, Mandore situated only 9 km from the city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan are worth mentioning. Except the residents of Nepal and Bhutan, all visitors from abroad need India visas to enter into this subcontinent, so that they could enjoy these beauties flawlessly.

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