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Top Ten Cities To Travel In 2012

Choosing top ten cities to travel is always difficult. Still, after great research and argument, Total Travel Info has selected best 10 cities to travel in 2012. As expected, there are some renowned names in the list. But, some names in the list may make your eyebrow rise. With responsibility, it can be said that these places can be lesser known but not inferior to the renowned cities in terms of value and worth.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, without a slight doubt, is one of the most stunning settings in the world. The city is extending between an azure sea and forest-clad mountains. The mountains give the city its backdrop while out in the bay there are many rocky islands fringed with white sand. The aerial views over Rio are breathtaking. The former capital of Brazil has a remarkable architectural heritage. With its legendary beaches, some of the country’s best museums and galleries, superb restaurants and a vibrant nightlife attract the visitors.

Paris, France
Capital of art and cultural of the world is the most favorite place to visit through out the time being. Who haven’t ever heard about “Mona Lisa”, the “lady of fascinating smile”? Even after these long years, it is still a matter of controversy what the lady is expressing with the smile. The City of Love and Lights attracts people with its beauty and attractions- world-class art galleries and museums and parks and gardens. Boat cruise on the Seine River is one of the most romantic things to enjoy. Fun-filled day at Disneyland Paris and experience the magic of the Eiffel Tower are also popular. In a nutshell, the city offers something of interest for everyone.

Jeju Island, South Korea
By taking place in the second position, this volcano island may surprise you but it can never be a wrong choice. With 1846 sqkm surface area, it is the smallest province in Korea. Hallasan, the tallest mountain in South Korea and a dormant volcano that rises 1,950 m above sea level and have 360 satellite volcanoes around the main volcano, is the central feature and attraction. The island is also known as “Honeymoon Island”. Among other attractions Jeju Folklore & Natural History Museum, Hallim Park, Cheonjeyeon Waterfall, Seongeup Folk Village and Yongduam are always at the top of the list.

London, UK
London leads the list. It crowns itself in the first place in Napoleonic style by hosting the coming Olympic game in 2012. The city becomes the home of the game for the third time. This will give traveler a great opportunity to meet people of every color, creed and clan. People around the world will cheer for athletes who are apparently competing in the competition but actually stand for the sprit of international brotherhood. Other classic attractions of the city are always waiting to welcome visitors with all its beauty and glory.

Komodo Island, Indonesia
It is the world’s largest archipelago on earth. It is the home for Komodo dragon, the largest lizard in the world exists nowhere else in the world. Searching the Komodo dragon is the best thing to do while visiting the island. Taking a tour to Flores is another interesting thing to do while visiting the island.

Siquijor, Philippines
The listing of the island may be surprising for many but it really worth to be placed in the list. Siquijor, the island of beauty and mystery, is a true island destination with spectacular views, white sand beaches, friendly villages and lots of places to explore. To the Spaniards, it was known as the “Isla Del Fuego” or “Island of Fire”. Its mountainous interior is home to a number of healers who practice not with spooky incantations but with smelly herbs and soothing oils. Its natural marine attractions range from dive sites, rich marine life and extensive mangroves to white sandy beaches and bays and natural inland attractions include waterfalls, flowing springs, tree parks and many unexplored caves.

Mexico City, Mexico
Truly, the city is one of the mostly densely populated cites with a high crime rate and some terrible pollution. But, these drawbacks can’t take away the value and significance of the city as a tourists spot. It was once the center of Aztec empire, one of the highly regarded civilizations. Through out the city the symbol and architectural establishment of the empire are scattered. Age old stone mansions and public buildings are also great attractions. Night life of the city is also huge and vibrant with enormous selection of clubs, bars, restaurants and cafes. Along with these, world-class museums, archeological treasures, international restaurants, shopping centers and beautiful gardens and parks make the city a must visit destination.

Beirut, Lebanon
The last name in the list can also be shocking. There is also not a long list of sights to watch. However, mix of peoples, religions and cultures gives the city a dynamic edge. The best sight of the city might be watching Beirutis go about their everyday business. The National Museum of Beirut, Al-Omari Mosque, Sursock Museum, The Corniche, Gibran Khalil Gibran Garden, Amir Munzir Mosque, The Maronite Cathedral of Saint George, Roman Baths, The Green Line and Moloko are the top attractions of Beirut.

Darjeeling, India
The “Queen of the Hills” is mostly known for its finest tea and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. It is the home for the world’s third-highest mountain, Kanchenjunga. Swamped by rampant growth, it still offers good shopping and dining, walks in the hills and attractions like the Toy Train and Buddhist monasteries. Late Sept to late Nov and mid-Feb to May are the best time to visit the hilly town. It provides variety of activities from leisurely scenic walks to more grueling activities such as trekking and river rafting.

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