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Top Ten Things To Do In Dubai

Dubai is a scintillating city because you don’t expect it to be. Once you arrive your eyes open wide and your imagination is taken hold of. So here is a list of the top ten things to do in Dubai to get you started on your road of discovery.

Mall of the Emirates: Shoppers will find a Disneyland experience at this over the top mall which boasts snowmaking equipment to keep a real indoor ski slope in top condition for skiers. This mall is something you just have to see and go home and talk about!

The Tallest Hotel In The World: One of the most romantic visions you will see is the hotel shaped like a sail full of wind sitting in the sea off Dubai. An ultra luxurious hotel as well as an ultra tall one, Burj Al Arab is expensive but you can get inside when you reserve a table at one of its restaurants. Ask for a table by the window and bring your camera! Or book a ticket to go up to the Observation Deck.

Dubai Marina at Night by chrisdubai, on Flickr

Al Dhiyafah Road: For a peak at what the local working class eats where affordable dining out is the name of the game, pick one of the many restaurants along this street for a lovely evening meal.

Gold Souk: Like to haggle for gold jewelry? If you’re answer is yes, here at the Gold Souk it is the custom, which makes it so much fun to go shopping here.

An Island Shaped Like A Palm Tree: The Palm Jumeirah is a man-made island in the shape of a palm tree that is magnificent seen from a plane or helicopter as it curves gently in the sea.

Waterparks: There are three good ones to splash in. One is the Aquaventure Water Park, the Wild Wadi Water Park, and the Atlantis Waterpark. All three provide great entertainment, rides, and adventures.

The Beach: Jumeirah Beach really is beautiful and an ideal location to go swimming and enjoy the weather. You might even be tempted to take a camel ride along the shoreline! If you take the whole family, make sure to check ahead of time because there are some days designated as “ladies only”.

Bastakia: For an historic walk, make your way to the quarter of the city called Bastakia. This is the artsy area and it also has lovely restored houses and restaurants to visit.

Swim With The Dolphins: This is such an amazing experience. You really should head over to Dolphin Bay and get in the water. You will find it on Palm Island. You will pet the dolphins, and in turn, they will give you a ride back to shore. Awesome.

The Grand Mosque: This a huge mosque with nine large domes which is a spectacle to see and is a vision of beauty at night when it is all lit up. Take a walk around outside to take in its grand footprint.

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