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What You Can Do And See In Dubai

Basically a desert city with excellent infrastructure and superb tourist amenities is Dubai. Dubai is very popular as a short-break destination for tourists from Asia and Europe because it’s conveniently located 3 hours from most Asian countries and 5 hours away from Europe and those who enjoy fine dining, shopping, etc. can have a great time here.

Though Dubai can get extremely humid and hot in the summer months, with temperatures touching 50 degrees Celsius from May to September, it is a great place to visit during the more pleasant months of September to April.

To obtain a tourist visa to Dubai, a prerequisite is for your passport to be valid at least 6 months before your arrival. Individuals may apply for a tourist visa if they intend to spend less than 30 days in the United Arab Emirates, but for those who will spend more than 30 days in the country, visit visas are issued.

Known as the city of superlatives, Dubai is home to the fastest, largest, highest, and tallest. It is home to Burj Dubai, which upon completion in 2008 will be the tallest building in the world, surpassing the Taipei 101 in Taiwan.

Dubai offers visitors a host of unique experiences including the exciting Dune Bashing, thrilling hot air balloon rides, golfing or for something entirely different- sand golfing. The extreme can be experienced by visitors as they go sand skiing and sand boarding in the hot desert sands or ski and snowboard in the specially built skiing center. A great place for adults and kids alike is a water amusement park in the heart of the city called Wild Wado The Overnight Desert safari is as different but just as exciting as the Morning Desert safari. Taking you sailing down the Dubai Creek while aboard a wooden dhow that’s traditionally decorated is the Dubai Dhow Cruise. As you take a midnight cruise for a completely different experience, you can marvel at the major landmarks that are beautifully lit up at night.

With all the things you can do and see in Dubai, you’d need more than just a short break after all.

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