The World’s Most Luxurious Hotels

There are some places, around the world, that are some real dream-come-true places. We’re are talking about the most luxurious hotels you can find on this planet, some of which are truly unbelievable.

Whether it’s for a honeymoon, a once in a lifetime experience or a normal vacation, they are perfect for all those who want to live like royalty, fully surrounded by super-high luxury, characterized by extremely large spaces, eye-widening views and couture furnishings.

Some of these incredibly luxurious hotels have Spas, casinos or even both. Some of the most powerful and rich people of the world prefer these destinations, and of course they live it to the fullest.

It is very common to find celebrities on an online poker site practicing their poker skills so they can enter a tournament in one of these fancy resorts, and so should you, if you want to give a chance to Lady Luck during your vacation. But let’s throw some names on the table:

The Royal Penthouse suite at Corinthia Hotel in London

With its US$28.000 per night, this suite is located at the top of a Victorian building, overlooking Thames River. Every detail is looked after with care and precision and absolutely nothing is left to chance.

Besides its semicircular living room, the two bedrooms and the bathrooms, which are clad in honey-colored onyx and Skyros marble, and have shelves lined in leather, it has a walk-in wine cellar and a private spa. Spread on two levels, it also has an elevator that will take you to the upper level, in case you don’t feel like using the stairs.

The Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City

The Trump Taj MahalThis is one of the greatest hotels you can find, not only because of its excellence, but also because of its measures and numbers. Everything is larger than life, from the elephants welcoming you at the entrance, to the more than seventy minarets decorating the building.

All 2010 guest rooms have an amazing Atlantic Ocean view and they’re all characterized by grandeur and extreme luxury. Moreover, this hotel has one of the greatest casinos in the world, perfect if you want to try your luck or prove yourself in one of its smoke-free poker rooms. Last but not least, the spa, the gourmet restaurant and the hotel’s exclusive boutiques will turn your stay into a truly luxurious one.

The Villa La Cupola suite in The Westin Excelsior in Rome

If you want to go La Dolce Vita style, then The Villa La Cupola suite in The Westin Excelsior in Rome is perfect for you. Built in 1906, the suite is recently been refurbished with a $7million renovation, in order to improve its luxury even more.

Spanning two full floors, Villa La Cupola is the largest suite in Italy and it’s furnished mixing a grand old style with extremely modern details, thus you can find both hand-frescoed cathedral style domes and a private fitness room, a sauna, a steam bath and a Jacuzzi, besides the formal dining room, perfect for meetings and important celebrations.

Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai

Going back to Dubai, the Burj Al Arab Hotel is famous not only for its sail shape, which makes it one of the most photographed hotels in the world, but also for its amazing luxury and top service.

All the rooms are luxurious suite spread on two levels, with state of the art furnishing, gadgets and details, and with an amazing view of the sea. The tennis court, the boutiques, the dining rooms, the nightlife offers and the relaxing options enhance even more the luxury of this amazing place, provided with 24/7 personal on call butlers and a personal Rolls Royce driven by a personal chauffeur.

The Royal Plaza Suite in New York

The Royal Plaza SuiteThe concrete jungle offers a concrete dream with The Royal Plaza Suite, at The Plaza, looking over Hyde Park and the grandeur of Fifth Avenue, for one of the best views of Manhattan. The structure was built in 1907 and was appointed National Historic Landmark in 1969.

Opulent old world style three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a formal dining room, a library, a gymnasium, a grand piano, a private elevator and a kitchen with personal chef will make your stay unforgettable, making you feel like a real star. Indeed, don’t forget that some of the most iconic people in the world, like Marilyn Monroe, have been here.

The Palms, in Las Vegas

The Palms, in Las VegasAnother great hotel provided with an amazing casino where to prove your luck and surround yourself with luxury and, why not, a little bit of lust, is the Palms, in Las Vegas, the best to really indulge in sin city. The Hugh Hefner Sky Villa will make you feel like a real god, with its massive rooftop Jacuzzi, the private glass elevator, the rotating bed, the gym, the sauna, the media room and a full bar. To feel like a true playboy.

These and other places are celebrities’ favorite hotels where to disappear. Of course prices are out of reach for most of us, but maybe just once in a lifetime we can go ahead and live it up.