5 Things You Must Do While You’re in Perth

The city of Perth is a sprawling urban destination in Western Australia. It is home to more than one million residents and is also a popular tourism destination for travellers from around the world. Although there are hundreds of different things to do while in Perth, the following five are the most important and exciting choices to include in your itinerary.

An aerial view of Fremantle looking towards Perth

1. King’s Park and Botanic Garden:

Each year over six million visitors head to the King’s Park and Botanic Garden to take in the beautiful scenery. King’s Park is conveniently located just a mile from the Central Business District in the heart of Perth. Although parts of the park are carefully manicured gardens, much of the space is natural landscape and overlooks the nearby Swan River. Entrance to the park is completely free, although donations are accepted. There are a large number of Australian villas, hotels and budget hostels within a short walk from the King’s Park and Botanic Garden.

2. Hay Street and Murray Street:

These two pedestrian streets in the heart of Perth’s Central Business District are easily the most popular shopping areas in the city. Both are full of eclectic shops and boutiques that are just as enjoyable for window shopping as they are for buying souvenirs. Although there are a number of upscale designers or chain stores, the majority of the shops sell atypical items, vintage clothing or one of a kind handmade products. There are also plenty of quaint local cafes and restaurants to enjoy a meal as you shop. Prices tend to be slightly more expensive in Hay Street and Murray Street but the unique experience is worth it for most visitors. In the area are a few hostels for under $20 a night as well as upscale hotels costing well over $200 per night.

3. Western Australian Museum:

This museum is one of the largest in Perth as well as the most popular in the city. It encompasses everything that visitors might want to learn or known about Western Australia. Exhibits cover the aboriginal people who first lived in the area, the prehistoric landscape of Western Australia, local plants and wildlife and contemporary displays that discuss the modern city and its people. Surprisingly, admission is free although a $5 donation is recommended. The Western Australia Museum is conveniently located in the Northbridge district of Perth and is easily accessible by bus or train.

Western Australian Museum, Perth

4. Hillary’s Boat Harbour:

Perth’s location along the water means that the ocean plays a large role in everyday life in the city. One of most exciting holiday ideas for visitors is to visit Hillary’s Boat Harbour. Although it is a working marina, visitors are allowed to swim and kayak off the beautiful beaches. Children will appreciate the fun Great Escape Water Park which is full of exciting water rides and attractions to help you cool off during a hot day. Boat tours are also available from Hillary’s Boat Harbour. It takes roughly thirty minutes to get to the harbour from the centre of Perth using public transport.

5. The Swan Bells:

This is the most iconic structure in all of Perth and should absolutely make your list of things to see while in the city. The Swan Bells Tower is found in the centre of Perth just near the wharf. Although the tower itself is a strikingly contemporary design, the bells inside are much older and were a gift from the church of St Martin-in-the-Field in London, England. While there are mixed reviews on whether the tower is the appropriate choice for Perth, the views from the tower are breathtaking. Entry for adults is $11 and $7 for children.