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5 Versatile Essentials You Shouldn’t Travel Without!

While it is a known fact that every traveler has different travel essentials, there are some things which make to the list of almost every traveler! The beauty of unpredictable moments in travel is what makes it an exciting experience but it shouldn’t be confused with uncomfortable situations which can be avoided. Equip your bag with the following essentials and increase your chances of having a smooth journey:

Noise cancelling headphones

Noise cancelling headphones
How many times has it happened that your entire plane journey was disturbing due to the constant chit-chatting of people sitting around you? Or maybe you could not concentrate on reading your favorite book at beach due to the loud music being played? Noise cancelling headphones are a boon to overcome such annoying disturbances without losing your temper and continuing with the activities you want to indulge in.


power bank
Are you frustrated with how quickly your mobile runs out of battery leaving you with a low battery phone in your hands? And you should be! There’s so much being done on phones today; playing games to watching movies, booking travel tickets (in this case RedBus coupons present on CashKaro.com might help you get the best deals) to booking movie tickets, accessing travel apps to surfing web. Power banks will help you charge your low battery phones anywhere without having you to search for plug points.

First Aid Kit:

First Aid Kit
Don’t count on your hotel for everything! As a responsible traveler, it is your duty to take care of such impacts and handle emergency situations. A first aid kit might even help others largely. Typically a first aid kit should contain band aids, cotton wools, polysporin, anti-allergy and anti-nausea medicines. Plus those medicines which you think you will need for your trip. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of making one and save time, you can also buy them at online stores or from a shop nearby your home.

Neck Pillow:

Neck Pillow
Frequent travelers who travel by plane are a lot more prone to neck pain, especially if their flights are long. Neck pillow is a great addition to this list as it can help reduce the neck strain and prevent fatal problems that accompany it. When buying one, make sure it is soft yet stiff and light-weight so that you can carry it around anywhere easily. Most pillows can be deflated so that they don’t occupy must space in your bag when not in need. Next time you board a flight, don’t forget to carry it. And oh, if you are still in the process of booking your next flight, do not forget to make use of Makemytrip flight coupons to get discounts and cashback.

Good shoes:

Running Shoe
It has been rightly said good shoes will take you good places. Imagine starting out on a trip, feeling all recharged from a good night’s sleep from yesterday only to realize some hours later that your feet are paining like crazy. Good quality shoes are like an investment. They may look like out of your budget at first but in the long run, you will realize how they have saved you so much of money and not to forget, painful situations too. And I am not just talking about embarking on adventurous trips here. Even a small walk can become unbearable if you are wearing uncomfortable shoes.

These travel essentials are pretty much what you need to have a smooth travel experience and banish the petty hurdles you come across which are capable of boiling your blood.

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