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Adventure Travel Cambodia

Phnom Penh Rroyal Palace, Cambodia

Always wanted to see south east Asia?

Adventure travel Cambodia is a relatively new experience as the country was ravaged by civil war in the second half of the 1900’s as well as being involved in the Vietnam War which severely limited the number of tourists who could visit.

Phnom Penh Rroyal Palace, Cambodia

Phnom Penh Rroyal Palace, Cambodia

The country was ruled for many centuries by the Khmer Empire, leaving a rich history of religious temples and culture including the famous Angkor Wat historical park with its impressive architecture.

A less glorious time when the Khmer Rouge- led by Pol Pot ruled the country with an iron fist in the 1970’s. An estimated one third of the population were killed in mass genocide commonly known as the Killing Fields.

Revitalised by the influx of tourists in recent years, there are still many sleepy villages, unspoilt and quiet beaches and breathtaking mountain scenery in the northeast.

In many ways Cambodia has all the positives of Thailand and Vietnam, but without the crowds, as well as temples and cultural experiences that are up there with the likes of Machu Picchu.

The optimism of the Cambodian people will win hearts as they slowly find renewal after many years of bloodshed and political instability.

The country lies in a tropical zone and has warm temperatures and a monsoon season meaning that the better time to travel is November- March.

Adventure Travel Cambodia

Experience the extremes of lush rainforests, as well as the bustling capital Phnom Pehn. Cambodia has beautiful beaches and snorkeling as well as opportunities to see dolphins.

More Cambodia highlights:

  • Siem Reap – experience this riverside city with impressive dining options and a beautiful location.
  • Cambodia Trekking – for nature lovers there are rainforest and ecotourist treks available as well as the Bokor national Park and an elephant ride.
  • Cycling – enjoy the Mekong River as it meanders through local villages.
  • Tours of Indochina- Strictly speaking Indochina includes Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand as well as Singapore and Myanmar.

Tours of the area will include different countries on their itinerary. The Indochinese peninsula is a relatively small geographic area wedged between India and China, making it easy to see several countries in a tour that lasts a couple of weeks.


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