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Adventure Travel Destinations

A whole world of adventure travel destinations awaits you

Thinking about embarking on an exciting travel adventure but can’t decide which adventure travel destinations should be at the top of your list?We agree there are so many fabulous adventure travel locations to visit, depending on what kind of adventure activities take your fancy.

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A whole world of adventure travel destinations awaits you

Let us give you the hot tip on some adventure travel destinations you might not have thought of, or perhaps some you have always dreamed of visiting…


Europe is so compact and has it all – beautiful cycling scenery, snow capped mountains for snowy adventures, as well as diving locations and beachside resorts. Perhaps you’re a culture buff, and want to experience the history of Italian art and architecture on a road or bike trip…


Asia is a vast continent which features the majestic Himalayan mountain range bordering India, Nepal and China. There are varied cultural sights and sounds to be had in India, China, Japan and the more tropical locations of Thailand and Vietnam. Whether you’re a mountain climber, lover of exotic food and culture, or a beach and ocean devotee, Asia just about has it all!

  • Cambodia
  • Adventure Travel India
  • Mongolia
  • Nepal
  • Thailand
  • China Expedition

South and Central America

Steamy rainforests, extreme mountain peaks in Chile, and the amazing Amazon winding its way across Brazil and Peru. What’s not to like about South America? It has a rich array of adventure travel destinations to experience…

Amazon River Brazil South America has a rich cultural heritage and many opportunities for adventure tours into ancient cities and ruins, as well as natural wonders.Not forgetting the more tropical locations in and around Central America, like Belize and the Caribbean.

North Americas

The scenic beauty of the Rockies, Alaska and Canada calls, or perhaps an adrenalin rush skydiving in Las Vegas await you in north America.

Mississippi River USA,there are many adventures along the mighty Mississippi, from Itasca to New Orleans, jump aboard a steam boat, or idle your way along the river in a Kayak. Don’t leave home till you have seen the country, One Amazing River.

  • Mississippi River USA

Rafting and kayak adventures are popular in the Grand Canyon and Colorado, and the snow peaked mountains surrounding Vancouver are unrivalled for adventure sports.

  • Canada Adventure Travel
  • Mexico Adventure Travel

Australia / New Zealand

Take a wildlife tour in Australia, dive or sail the Great Barrier Reef, or jump on over to scenic New Zealand where you can experience the best in skiing and snowboarding action as well as plenty of other extreme adrenalin rushing activities with a diverse array of adventure travel destinations at your fingertips.

      • New Zealand Adventure Travel
      • Yacht Charters Queensland


Africa is a land of contrasts, between the amazing feats of the Egyptian pyramids or a flute ride down the Nile, the exotic sights and sounds of Morocco, or a safari in Tanzania.

For something completely unique, what about the natural wonders of Madagascar?

  • Morocco Adventure Travel

Island Adventure

Do you love the beach, snorkeling, or the freedom of sailing on a seemingly endless ocean? Whether its the Caribbean, Pacific, or Hawaiian islands, or the Seychelles, there’s an ocean adventure awaiting…

  • Hawaii Adventure Travel
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Luxury Yacht Charters


Fancy an icy adventure that takes you well beyond any snowy mountain retreat? There are now tours and cruises of the Antarctic and Arctic polar caps for those who want something truly special. We know that the hardest part is choosing where your next adventure travel destinations are going to be, but that’s part of the fun – making a ‘wishlist’ for a whole range of locations!