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Be Safe on the Beach

Well there is nowhere quite like the beach to spend your summer in peace. The thing is however, as much enjoyable this could be. Everyone should also be aware of the risks involved and take steps to be careful while enjoying. One of the biggest risks you and your family or friends would be carrying on your journey to the beach is the risk of drowning. Even though you may not take this very seriously, you would actually surprise to hear the number of people that actually get killed due to not giving enough regard to safety on beach.

The ocean is large place and so is the beach, you may not get lost in the sands but the waters are dangerous enough to gulp you down and make you disappear forever. Not trying to scare you here but with a little bit of safety tips, you could keep yourself safe and sound. The most important thing is that you learn to be safe and keep you and your family out of danger on the beach. Many of the accidental drowning is unfortunately preventable so here are a couple of safety tips given by the CDC for the protection of people who go to beaches.

Tip number one is to learn some swimming. If you do not know how to swim, then there is a very big risk of drowning. Especially taking into considering people aged one to four, there is a great risk of drowning and it is estimated that with some basic lessons in swimming, the risk of drowning could be reduced by a degree as high as 88 per cent. However don’t make it a point that your child is very good at swimming to completely ignore him at the beach. You need to have some barriers and constantly supervise them to make sure they are safe.

May be you are not a beach vacation but still it would pay to know some CPR. Lifeguards and paramedics, they always take time to come and your CPR skills would help save someone life if you happen to see a person drowning even though you may just be passing by.

Make sure that no one you go with you to the beach is on Alcohol. As much harm as alcohol causes in things like driving and other things, alcohol could do a lot of damage even on the beach. Therefore you need to make sure that that you are of sound judgment at the beach and have not impaired your senses and thoughts by the evil drink. Maybe you didn’t know that alcohol has a major impact on your swimming and diving skills. It also reduces the body’s ability to stay warm and would make you lose coordination and balance.

There are warning flags on beaches and you need to be take into consideration. Ok by the look on your face, it seems it’s the first time you’ve heard that there are such flag. So now you know! Do a bit of research on the internet and learn what these flags mean. The flag meanings are different from beach to beach and make sure that you know all the meanings very well before you step into the waters.

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