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Catching the Waves in Tahiti: French Polynesia!

A tropical getaway
Many visit Tahiti in the hopes to get away from the daily struggles and stress, but most of the visitors come for a very different purpose: they want to ride the incredible waves that French Polynesia has to offer. Surfers will not be disappointed as there is a plethora of marvelous places to choose from to try and catch the big wave.

However, do not forget to discover all the marvels and mysteries of the many islands around Tahiti. The main islands that you must definitely visit, in order to have the best accommodation are Moorea, Bora Bora and Huahine.

bora bora
The Papenoo Rivermouth is located in the northern regions of Tahiti, and it offers a great experience for all the surfers who come there. The unique black sand beach will invite you to take a break in the search for the perfect wave.

Because of the exclusive combination of islands, the waves here are particularly interesting to ride, as they can be sometimes unpredictable. Nevertheless, surfers come to experience what Tahiti really has to offer and to enjoy some of the best surfing in their lives.

Surfs up!
Visiting Taapuna will surely not disappoint you as a surfer, because you will be able to ride some of the most interesting and demanding waves that can be found there. Make sure to surf and to experience the powerful waves which have a left-hander spin; it will take some time to master, but it will be well worth it in the end.

Thanks to the surrounding coral reef, and the marine wildlife, the waters are pristine clean and warm almost throughout the whole year; which makes surfing even more enjoyable. Be sure to wander around to find hidden surfing spots as the majority of the public spots will be crowded.

Welcome to hard mode

If you want to experience some of the world’s heaviest waves, you must visit Teahupoo, found in the southern part of Tahiti. Even if you are an avid surfer you must be cautious as there is a good chance that the waves there will be able to knock you over. Make sure that you practice before trying to prove your worth.

However, make sure that you first enjoy the clear and clean waters you can find around here; and be sure to experience your stay to the fullest by taking a dip in the sea and reconnecting with nature once again.

Looking for the best wave

Vairao is perhaps the crème de la crème that Tahiti has to offer; the perfect wave that is just steep enough to ride, but lengthy enough to enjoy the surf for as long as possible.

Although you will have to be well prepared in advance as the waves around here are not close to the shore, and you will have to swim out quite a distance, but it will be worth it, as you will probably tame some of the best waves in the world.

Go for popularity

If you are looking for a place to just enjoy casual surfing and you do not mind the crowd around you, then look for Tahiti holiday packages which include Papara as one of the destinations. Considering that this is the only beach break Tahiti has to offer, and due to its user friendly nature, it comes as no surprise that you will meet many fellow surfers here.

Furthermore, if you are a beginner surfer, perhaps it is best to start your surfing career here as you will be able to practice riding some of the tamer waves Tahiti has to offer.

Practice your technique

surf technique
Maraa is the ultimate challenge that any surfer should try, because it requires plenty of experience, skill and technique to ride one of these harder waves. Expect to ride tall and grandiose waves which will test your nerves to the very limit, but be warned, once you experience Maraa for what it is, you will be hooked on finding the next big wave.

Because the waters around here are clean, and quite clear, riding a big wave will seem like going through a glass tunnel; an absolutely fantastic feeling that all surfers must feel for themselves.

The waves of Tahiti

Experienced surfers around the world flock to Tahiti in search for the best wave in the world, and none have been disappointed so far with what French Polynesia has to offer. Remember that the waves around here can be dangerous and that it requires years of practice and experience to be able to surf the big ones.

However, the whole experience is something that you, as a surfer, must come and see for yourself. Finding the hidden spots for the perfect wave is also part of the journey that will transform you into a better surfer.