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The city of Pingyao offers travellers a variety of scenic walks and chances to explore Chinese history. This is an ideal destination for a reflective, self-guided visit. When planning the logistics of your visit, keep in mind that Pingyao is best reached by train from Beijing, on the way to Xian.


Pingyao Is History-Rich

This area is brimming with history. Pingyao rose to prominence during the Ming Dynasty as the banking centre of the empire, and many structures from that area can still be toured today. In fact, the Rishengchang Exchange House is one of the top tourist attractions of the area. This was the centre of trade, where merchants exchanged their wares and added up silver coins. This is an ancient city, and still evokes the mood of a time gone by. It is rare for a city to be so well-preserved in modern China, so a stroll along its city walls is a special treat for the eyes. In fact, Pingyao is considered one of the best-preserved walled cities in the world. In the spirit of preservation, many of the city’s walls prohibit road traffic. This is truly a walker’s city.

The temples here reveal the spiritual side of Pingyao. One must-see destination is the Temple of the City God, which includes vivid images representing visions from heaven and hell. See how immediate these spiritual concepts were the lives of city-dwellers centuries ago in the well-preserved temples in this area.

The true charm of Pingyao is the wanderer’s spirit of the city. The North and South Gates of the city walls have access for visitors to walk along the tops of the walls and get a bird’s eye view of the surrounding area. Pingyao is a place for dreamers and explorers, a place where you will forget the outside world as you take long strolls alongside the rest of the city residents.

Be the Local Tourist

Pingyao is considered one of the nation’s best-kept tourist secrets, at least among the international crowd. The vast majority of tourists are from mainland China, so the city maintains an authentic Chinese feel, even though it is open for visitors.

The shopping district is also not to be missed. Called “Nanda Jie,” “Ming-Quing,” or merely “South Street,” this area offers hundreds of little shops that have been in business for centuries. This district also offers tours of courtyard homes and views of some of the city’s tallest structures. This area also has a good reputation for quality, yet affordable, massages. Treat yourself to a facial or spa day while in Pingyao.

Accommodation options vary in this city–from reasonably priced hostels to luxury hotels, you can decide what kind of lodgings are right for you. If you stick to your budget, you won’t regret these quaint hotels with accommodations to your liking.

The regional specialty is Pingyao Beef, which many visitors note has a strong taste. You can visit many street food stalls offering a variety of delicacies to choose from. The locals are known to be very good cooks.

The best time for your visit is September, during the city’s week-long Photography Festival. If you can’t make it for this festival, April and May are other ideal months for your visit to Pingyao.

We’ve included this information and more in our Pingyao Travel Guide. Pingyao is included in several of tours, including the Cultural China Tour, the China Discovery Tour, and the Ancient & Modern China Tour.

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