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Five Tips to Help You Get Back In The Groove After Your Vacation

Get Back In The Groove After Your Vacation

We all need to go on a vacation. The pressures and stress of everyday life can get quite daunting. We need some time off to relax, enjoy life and experience new things on our own or with family and friends.

But a vacation can also be exhausting. The long trip, running around after the kids, and the small stresses that we encounter during our vacation can also add up. When we get home we’re usually exhausted and it’s hard to get back to our old routine.


If you’re one of those vacationers who’s having a hard time getting back in the groove, then you can follow these tips to get you going and transition to your everyday routine with minimal difficulty:

Take some time off

Some people just that they need a vacation from their vacation, but it actually has some truth in it. You should give yourself a day or two at home to rest and recalibrate your body to your regular routine.

If you can do it, allocate the last day or two of your vacation leave staying at home. If time is an issue then a whole evening relaxing in your home would be okay.

Handle jetlag

If you are traveling through different time zones then jetlag will definitely be an issue. One way you can alleviate the effects of jetlag would be to gradually move change to your normal everyday schedule even before you fly home.  This will lessen the “shock” of adjusting to your regular time zone.


When we’re on vacation, the tendency is not to sleep a lot because of the excitement over the trip or difficulty getting good quality sleep in your hotel room or the serviced apartment you booked. Try to sleep as much as you can and at every opportunity – on the bus, train or when waiting for your ride. It will help energize your body so you won’t feel lethargic.

Unpack your stuff straight to the hamper

One good way to ease into your routine and tell your body that, yes, your home, is to unpack your luggage when you get home and bring your dirty clothes straight to the hamper. If you have the energy then bring it straight to the washing machine and start washing it. Nothing tells you you’re back in the grind more than doing your house chores.

Plan an easy day on your first day at work

Work may have piled up while you were away but that’s not a reason for you to tackle everything all at once when you come back to work.

Compensate for the fact that you’re probably a little slow out of the gate (you may still be suffering from jetlag and you haven’t had enough sleep) by doing basic tasks first – ones that you can easily accomplish and will not require a lot of in-depth attention.

You can then start getting into the more challenging duties as you progress through the week. By the end of the week, you’ll be back in top form, ready to tackle all of your work challenges.

Derek Gallimore operates Boutique London Lets, a company that rents out serviced apartments in London.