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How I Keep Safe While Travelling

How I Keep Safe While Travelling

Being vigilant while travelling doesn’t mean that the world is unsafe, that you should be scared of travelling, or that the worst is going to happen while you’re on holiday.

It just means that you have taken all the steps you feel are necessary in order to keep you and you possessions safe while you’re away from home when you are most vulnerable.

In this article I am going to look at three ways I keep myself and my belongings safe while I’m travelling abroad.

Know Where you’re Going

Know Where you’re GoingBy planning my trip from start to finish before I leave home, and reviewing where I am going that day before, ensures that I won’t get lost while I am out and about.

To avoid drawing any unwanted attention to myself, I use a GPS app on my phone to plan my route and to check if I am going the right way if I need to, this way I don’t have to pull out a map.

I am not saying that everyone is out to get you, but it does pay to be cautious and if you do end up needing help and want to ask for directions, I suggest going to the nearest hotel, restaurant or tourist information desk or building.

Have Copies of All of your Important Documents and Phone Numbers

How I Keep Safe While TravellingI scan all of my important documents – including my passport, visas, travel insurance papers, driving license, proof of entry into the country (this can be done from your hotel, as they should have the relevant facilities.

Or at internet café if you are staying in the likes of a backpackers who may not have a scanner) – and any other relevant documents and email them to myself.

I do this because if any of these important documents are stolen from my hotel room or get lost, I have a copy to take to the police station to make a theft report, or for any other important procedures I would need to go through before I could return back home.

Invest in Travel Insurance

I invest in travel insurance every time I travel in case I get injured and need medical attention or if my belongings are stolen. Seeking emergency medical care in a foreign country with no medical cover can be very costly, even for minor injuries, and you could see the medical bills piling up with no way to pay for them.

Travel insurance will cover most injury costs meaning you would be able to visit a hospital or clinic straight away. Travel insurance can also cover the likes of your flight being cancelled or your baggage getting lost, meaning that they will make sure you get home on another flight or be able to replace your clothing while you’re on holiday without having to worry about forking out extra spending money you saved up.

These are just three ways I keep myself safe while on holiday abroad, and are measures everyone should take in order to be safe and relaxed during their vaycay. It’s important to have these specific measures in place so that if anything does go wrong, you are covered for the worst.