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How to Pack Like a Pro when Moving

Pack Like a Pro when Moving

Whether you are shifting houses in the same city or moving to another city or even state, packing your stuff can be quite challenging. This specifically holds true for the fragile items on which you spend thousands when buying.

Many people are so overwhelmed by all this packing and moving that they hire professionals for this purpose. And there is a reason why they are called professionals, because they pack up your stuff in such an awesome manner that all your stuff is delivered to your destination in a safe and secure manner.

But, you don’t have to spend yet another hefty amount on hiring any professional packers and movers service. Here is how you can pack like a pro on your own.

Layer with Clothes

Clothes make a great layering when you are packing fragile items like your china and your other crockery.Since, crockery items are bought in bulk and you cannot simply buy a new one every other few months, you have to be very careful while packing them.

Wrapping every individual piece in a separate item of clothing is an excellent option, especially when you have a lot of clothes which you need to take along with you as well. Your tank tops, t-shirts and even your kitchen towels make an awesome packing material for your crockery. You can also put a layer of clothes on the top of your crockery before closing your carton or box.

Add Some Padding with Pillows

When your things are getting transported from one place to another, the ride can be actually quite bumpy. So, there is a high chance of the boxes bumping into each other and your things getting damaged.

For keeping your stuff safe, you can add some extra safety padding with the help of your pillows. Simply put your pillow in a garbage bag and put it on the sides of the boxes. Your stuff will reach your new lace unscathed.

Use Bubble Wrap

Professional packing services use a lot of bubble wrap for packing up delicate items. Bubble wraps are economical and are easily available. Simply wrap whatever crockery or decoration item you have, making sure that no corner or side is left uncovered.

Then simply put the packed items in the box. Fill empty spaces with more bubble wrap so that the packed items do not keep bumping into each other during moving. Place another layer of bubble wrap on the top for further securing your items.

Label the Boxes

While we may think that we will remember where we have kept every item, we actually end up forgetting everything. It is really important to label all the boxes. It also helps in carefully staking up the item in the truck.

So if you have got clothing items, shoes or unbreakable material in some boxes, they are usually placed on the base, while those with glass items, crockery and home d├ęcor are placed above them. It also helps in unloading the items carefully as those doing that will know that with which boxes they have to be careful.

Never Pack any Eatables

Many people commit the mistake of packing up their food thinking that they would eat it upon arriving at their new destination. But, they are always proven to be wrong! You should consume your food before moving instead of taking any item with you.

Food mostly gets contaminated because of all the heat when they are packed. The best way is to eat it and if you cannot consume it all, or distribute it among your friends who will be actually really glad.

Hire a Good Moving Company

There are any moving companies which might be operating in your neighborhood. But hire that which not just suits your budget but also owns its own vehicles. This is because many companies outsource their assignments and you have no idea what kind of a vehicle will be carrying your stuff.

If the vehicle is outdated or has issues, chances are that your thing may get damaged on their way. It is also necessary to make sure that the company is insured, the driver has a valid driving license and all your stuff is properly stacked. You can buy the best travel pillows for enjoying a sound sleep via moving.

Get Help from Professionals

In case you think that packing your stuff on your own can be a big challenge, then you can hire a professional service for that. You can either hire them for packing all your stuff or just those items which you find challenging.

By following the above mentioned tips, you can make your moving experience quite easy and doable. It will also be easy for you to unpack all your stuff at your new place.

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