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10 Interesting Things about Croatia You Didn’t Know


Croatia is a Central European Country which lies on the East side of the Adriatic Sea. The popularity of this small European country is growing and many people choose Croatia for their vacation. But, not many people know some interesting facts about Croatia. The following is worth reading, especially for those who are planning to visit Croatia.

  1. The current capital city of Croatia, Zagreb, has not always been the capital city of Croatia. The City started growing in the 1920s and was eventually made the capital city during the World War II. The city has continued to grow and is home to over quarter of the entire Croatian population.zagreb
  2. The renowned engineer Nikola Tesla was born in a small village called Smiljan, Croatia in 1856. He is one of the most important inventors in the history of humankind as he invented an electrical system called the Alternating current; which is the same system that still powers up every home that uses electric power in the world.

    Nikola Tesla statue in Zagreb

    Image courtesy: Chris Price (Flickr)

  3. Some of the best scenes of the popular HBO television series ’Game of Thrones’ were filmed in Croatia. The scenes were shot on the Dalmatian coastline in Dubrovnik and Split. The fortified walls of Dubrovnik also provided a great shooting scene as they blended in with the show’s theme.

    Kings Landig; Dubrovnik city walls

    Image courtesy: clindstedt (Flickr)

  4. Croatian currency is referred to as Kuna which means marten in Croatian. A marten is a valuable forest rodent whose precious skin was used in some provinces in Croatia as currency or to pay taxes. The name was adopted on the new Croatian currency in 1994.
  5. Croatia receives more than 2715 hours of sunshine annually, which is more than Sydney, Australia. This is the perfect place if you want to sunbathe. Croatia also enjoys some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world, particularly in the seaside town called Zadar.
  6. Croatia has over 1200 islands, islets, isles, and reefs for the people who love exploration. Only 48 of these islands are inhabited which leaves a lot to explore with friends and family.
  7. Croatia is home to some of the most beloved species of dogs in the world; the Dalmatians. There is evidence that dates back to the 17th century that proves the existence of Dalmatians in Croatia. The Dalmatians also borrow their name from the Croatian waterfront called the Dalmatian Coast.
  8. The necktie, also known as the cravat was invented in Croatia as soldiers’ uniform and is now worn all over the world by business people. Remember to thank a Croatian every time you wear that nice Italian suit you love so much.
  9. There are still some areas in Croatia which have some hidden landmines which were placed decades ago. However, most of the country is safe as most of the mines were removed.
  10. The Croatian property markets comprise of two distinct markets; local and foreign. The foreign market is booming due to the policy that allows members of the EU to buy property in Croatia. As a result, the property prices in areas that tourists love like the waterfront areas and islands have shot up. However, the local property market is slow but recovering from the recession experienced in Croatia in 2009.