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Lightweight Suitcases – 4 Tips That Will Make Packing For Vacation Easier

With warmer weather approaching, many people are gearing up for their spring and summer vacations. Long sunny days, school breaks, and warm weather make this a great time to take a vacation, whether it’s two weeks on the beach or just a weekend.

So here are a few tips to remember the next time that you’re packing up for a trip. If you think about these tips before you go on vacation, it will take some of the stress out of packing.

Pack Lightly

When you go on vacation, the last thing you want to have to do is keep track of lots of luggage. Pack as lightly as you can while still taking what you need. Aim for fitting everything into a carry-on, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with checked baggage. Lightweight suitcases help to keep you under the airline’s baggage weight limit. So if you’re still shopping for luggage for your upcoming trip, pay attention to the weight given in the product specifications.

Keep Valuables At Home

Though you may want to bring some nice jewelry along with you, are you going to be constantly worrying that it’s going to be stolen during your trip? When travelling, it’s best to keep the valuable things to a minimum and bring things that you won’t regret losing if your bags are lost or stolen. For the valuables that you do bring, keep them in your carry-on. Never put your passport or other important documents in your checked luggage.

Separate Your Laundry

While the swimsuits and the laundry weren’t packed wet and dirty, they will probably be when you are about to leave for home. Keep the clothing you know will come back wet separate from your dry ones by placing them into a waterproof bag before packing them back into your suitcase. Also pack a bag for your dirty laundry so that it doesn’t mix in with any clean clothing you have, especially if you won’t be able to wash your clothes while on vacation.

Expect To Bring More Back Than You Brought

Anyone who has taken a trip knows what it’s like to have to try and cram everything back into their suitcase before going home, and have to deal with more than they brought. If you’re the type of person who buys souvenirs for everyone, pack a small bag to carry them in or even ship them back home before leaving. But to avoid carrying extra bags or paying postage, try instead to prepare before you leave home by leaving a bit of space in your suitcase for extras you’ll bring back. This is a way that lightweight suitcases can help you. They’ll leave you with that little bit of weight allowance you will need to keep under the airline’s weight limit. It’s not always possible to leave space in your suitcase, but it will make the return trip a little easier if you can.

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