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A Mesmerizing Vacation to an Enchanting Hill Station of Coorg, India

Who says the hill stations can be visited only in the thicket of the mighty Himalayas? The southern India is no less with the hill stations, and in vacation time a Bangalore to Coorg taxi is a common sight.

The people of southern India, who do not wish to waste so much time, traversing their ways up, to the Himalayan range, have an excellent option to satiate their urge of visiting a hill station, in the south itself.

Coorg is a popular hill station in Karnataka, not only for the natives of the south, but also northern India, who come here to experience nature at its best. So, why not visit this exquisite hill station this summers, and vivify your mundane vacation period with utmost serenity and bliss.

In Karnataka, every other day, a Bangalore to Coorg taxi is booked, and tourists opt for visiting this hill station, straight from the capital city.

Every year the land of Coorg, witnesses honeymooners, friends, families, and other people who come here, for the amazing tour of their lives. So, spice up your vacations with some of the below listed things, you MUST NOT visit in Coorg.

Omkareshwar Temple

Bless your souls at the revered Omkareshwar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. It houses a Shiva Lingam, where millions of devotees come, to offer flowers and milk on it. The temple was built by the then king of Karnataka, who unjustly put to death, a Brahman. It was believed that the spirit of the Brahman began to haunt the king, who then built this temple to appease the Brahman’s soul.

Raja’s Seat

This might be the most breathtaking place in India. Located in the town of Madikeri, the Raja’s seat, as the name suggests, was the place where the king used to sit with his consort, and have the scenic view of the mystical sunrise and sunset. The place is blanketed with verdant beauty and enchants the tourists with its breathtakingly beautiful aura. Come here, and have the most peaceful time of your life.

Abbi Falls

These falls in Coorg are truly mesmerizing and lulls the viewer to sleep. The gurgle of these platonic falls, satiate the ears and the heart to the very core. Capture some of the best shots from your DSLRs and cherish them for a lifetime. They are also extremely romantic, which make them a quintessential place to visit for lovers.

Cauvery Nisargadhama

The beautiful island, 2 km from Kushalanagar, is a 64 acre island meandered by the Cauvery river. You can access this from a dangling bridge, and experience the charming backdrop, greened with bamboo groves and teak and sandalwood trees.

The best part is, you can even sojourn in this gorgeous aura, by hiring a cottage available here, which can accommodate upto 5 people. And now comes the fun part. There is a deer park here, a sight to behold and capture and a children’s park. You can even go horse riding and boating here.

All these perks make Coorg a perfect hill station you can go to, any weekend. With the Bangalore to Coorg distance being just 251 km, one can easily spare 3-4 hours for the travel journey which itself can be fun, and visit Coorg, anytime from Bangalore.

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