My Top Reasons For Taking A Train When I Travel

Travelling by train everywhere I go is something that I love to do. I never take a bus anywhere and I actually very rarely use my car these days. I have even travelled over to Europe by train and I would take a train on every holiday if I had the chance but my husband is not really into this idea. Below are just a few of my main reasons for preferring to take the train when I travel.

– I always take the train to work rather than my car because to be honest with you I find it a much more relaxing way to travel. There is no need for me to look for a parking space when I get to work and I do not have raised blood pressure because I have been sitting for an hour in a traffic jam. I have no worries while travelling on the train and I can just sit back and relax while I travel.

– The fact that it is possible for me to get on a train at my local train station and then get to many parts of the world really amazes me. I live in Cornwall and if I got on a train here, I could get all the way to Singapore by rail although I would obviously have a few changes to make.

– Many trains do tend to get a bit busy when it is rush hour but otherwise there is a lot of room on a train so you do get to relax when travelling and to stretch your legs.

– I also love the fact that if I want to work on the train I have no problem getting plenty done. I always have my laptop with me and I can just put it on the table in front of me and get to work.

– Sitting back with a coffee on a train is something that gives me immense pleasure. There is just something so pleasant about drinking a coffee as the scenery whizzes by your window.

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