Norway Travel

Norway is bestowed with lots of natural beauty encompassing wild forests, historic towns and beautiful fishing villages. Norway, a Nordic country lying on the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula is situated in Northern Europe. It also borders Sweden, Finland and Russia. Norway is an outstandingly beautiful country with a long coastline, snowy mountains and breathtaking fjords. Oslo is the capital of Norway and also the largest city. The country is very hospitable to the tourists and people are very friendly too. Many tourists are attracted by the famous midnight sun of the Arctic. All three big cities of Norway offer different experiences to visitors. Norway is a place to be for nature lovers and for cultural enthusiasts. Norway is truly one of the greatest tourist destinations of Europe.

Population & Languages

The population of Norway is only 4.6 million and the official languages being spoken are Bokmal Norwegian and Nynorsk Norwegian. Other languages that are also spoken in Norway include Sámi and Finnish.


The climate of Norway can be termed as Temperate with hot summers and cold overcast winters. The highlands of interior Norway have an arctic like climate with snow, severe wind chill and frost. Most of the rain is along the coastal areas and comes down in winter quite heavily and frequently. Winters are mild too along the coastal areas. In Northern Norway there is 24 hour sunshine in the summer and no sun at all at mid-winter. Although Southern Norway cannot enjoy the midnight sun, at midsummer the night is very short even in Oslo – it doesn’t get really dark at all.


Bergen – Numerous museums, galleries, aquarium, medieval age buildings, cable car to the top of Bergen’s hills and boat trips to fjords.

Oslo – Old medieval buildings, churches, modern architecture, museums like Edvard Munch Museum and the Norwegian Folk Museum, art galleries, Vigeland Park, and Akershus Fortress

Fjordland – Geirangerfjorden known for tiny S-shaped fjord,

Sognefjord – the longest and the deepest fjord, beautiful villages such as Balestrand and Flam, old stave churches, Nærøyfjord – Narrowest branch of the Sognefjord and Palteau of Jostedalsbreen glacier.

Tromsø – Arctic cathedral, Polaria and Tromsø Museum
Atlanterhavsveien – “The most beautilful road in the world”. A unique road connected whit spectacular bridges surrounded by the wilderness of the atlantic ocean.

Jostedalsbreen – The largest glacier on the european mainland.
Jotunheimen – A majestic landscape and home of Norway’s highest mountains.

Lofoten – Experience the midnight sun in this traditional fishing district in the northern province with islands and mountains.

Nordkapp – This cliff is the northernmost point of continental Europe. Excelent place to experience the midnight sun.

Sognefjorden – Glaciers, mountains and picturesque towns are but a few of the sights on the Sognefjord. Flåm and Nærøyfjorden (also a UNESCO World Heritage site) are parts of the mighty Sognefjorden system.

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