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Play It Safe Whilst Visiting Brazil In 2014

The chances are that if you’re planning on attending the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil then you’ll already be getting excited as from sunshine and Samba soccer to seeing some of the world’s most iconic landmarks, this is going to be an experience to remember for the rest of your life.

Staying safe is part and parcel of having a successful tour and no matter where you find yourself based in Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Sao Paulo or Fortaleza, taking a few sensible precautions will always allow you to have a great time no matter how far your team progresses.

Below are five golden rules to help you keep safe and have a memorable tournament for all the right reasons and if you’re getting excited now then just wait for June 12th 2014 when it all kicks off!

Don’t be tempted by touts

Bogus websites and dodgy ticket touts are an unwanted part of football and do nothing to promote the game in a positive light as well as putting punters at risk from some rather unsavoury characters. Best advice is don’t get tempted by online ticket sales from dubious companies and don’t get involved with anyone selling tickets who aren’t from a FIFA recognised outlet. Forgeries, rip-off prices and criminal gangs are all associated with ticket touting so do your best not to get stung.

Avoid being alone at night

As when visiting any new country or large city, staying safe should be your first priority and this couldn’t be more prudent than after the sun sets. Not only is it easier to get lost but the night does tend to attract a more unsavoury element to the streets and although Brazil is not rife with criminals it certainly isn’t a great place to wonder around on your own after dark. Stick to well-lit areas, try to stay within a group and always know how to get back to your accommodation to ensure you keep safe.

Keep your valuables tucked away

Many people in Brazil are becoming more and more affluent which is good news for the economy and the general standard of living however, there are still plenty of communities where poverty is still apparent. Unfortunately with poverty comes the need to have what other people have and if you’re thinking of taking an expensive phone, lap-top or iPod to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil then you should definitely consider insurance and where you’re going to keep your possessions whilst you’re on tour. Jewellery, designer bags and new technology are all very tempting so keep them out of sight and away from prying eyes.

Take it easy on the alcohol

Having a sociable drink and meeting fellow fans is just what football is all about as from lubricating vocal chords to cheering up a poor result, alcohol in moderation is a great means of having fun. However, getting out of control drunk can often lead to some pretty disastrous consequences which can prevent you from having a good time and may also get you into trouble with the local authorities which is never a good idea in Brazil. Best advice is to avoid drinking all day and in the sun, keep yourself topped up with water in between drinks and try to stick to the same drink rather than mixing it up. Note: trying at least one caipirinha cocktail is highly recommended.

Learn a bit of the lingo

The culture and the passion of the Brazilian people is known the world over and there’s no better way to truly embrace this fabulous country than by learning some Portuguese and practising on the locals. Shop keepers, hotel staff and Brazilian football fans will all be more than happy to hear what you have to say in their language and believe it or not, just a few choice words and a big smile can often unlock more doors to a safe and successful tournament than you’d ever thought possible.

No matter how well your team does at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, as long as you pay attention to the five golden rules above you’re bound to have a good time. Checking out Grand American Adventures website will give you further insight into the destinations and things to do in America and South America and if you’re not a fan of football then you’ll find plenty of options outside of Brazil to help you escape the hordes.

Chris is all over the World Cup and looking forward to taking some time off in June 2014 to watch every match live from the safety of his arm chair.