Six Must See Destination in Italy

A trip to Italy is the ultimate vacation and it will be one that you will never forget. This beautiful country is full of surprises on every corner and will touch your heart in ways that you couldn’t even imagine were possible. If you get lucky enough to visit this romantic country, read on for tips.


When you decide to finally take that trip to Italy, you simply cannot afford to miss Rome. This city is so breathtaking that you have to see it for yourself to truly understand this. While there, be sure to visit the historic Colosseum, the splendid Vatican, the architecturally magnificent Trevi Fountain and the elaborate Spanish Steps. Do yourself a favor and order pizza from a street vendor because their prices are fair and the pizza is amazingly delicious.


Venice is an absolute must see. This unique city rests on water and you will never see anything like it in the world ever again. Sights that will amaze you include the majestically beautiful Doges Palace and the architecturally elaborate Basilica di San Marco. Try the eggplant parmesan at one of the less costly restaurants because it will leave you wanting more without making a deep hole in your pocket. Don’t leave without purchasing a Venetian facemask, as many Italians say they are good luck and they are gorgeous souvenirs.


Capri is an island, which will take your breath away. Be sure to make it to the top of the mountain, as this is filled with high-end designer shops and the most stunning private villas. You can take a train to the top but it is highly recommended that you walk, it takes about 20 minutes and you will see homes and beautiful views on the way. At the top, don’t forget to visit the Gardens of Augustus, which are past the shopping area and before the villas. These gardens are so green and breathtaking, you will be thankful that you made it there.


Whatever you do, do not miss out on Florence, specifically Tuscany. Once there, you will not want to leave. Sights that are absolute must-sees include Michelangelo’s David at the Accademia, the Uffizi Gallery and the Duomo. In the Uffizi, make sure to check out the head of the Medusa, it sounds spooky but it is artistically beautiful and enchanting and you will appreciate the brilliance. Pay a visit to Vivoli Gelaterria, they are famous for their honey flavor but be sure to sample other flavors because the gelato is rich and very flavorful.


Milan is another city that is worth the visit. This is more of a modern city with a downtown shopping area that is on the level of New York and London downtown areas. Visit the Galleria and Corso Vittorio Emanuele, this shopping center holds all the designer labels and is absolutely stunning. Also, make sure to get your gelato fix; the coconut is very popular and very intensively tasty.


Verona is another must see. This is the city of Romeo and Juliet and offers a lot of deep history. It will leave you in awe of its beauty. Visit the Roman Arena; you really can’t miss this as it is in the middle of everything. Also visit Juliet’s Balcony and touch the breast of Juliet’s Statue for good luck. You’ll have to be a little aggressive because there are always numbers of travelers lined up to take photos with the statue.

There is much much more to see in Italy, but if you visit the above cities you will leave feeling satisfied and glowing with happiness.

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