The Best Hiking Near Manchester, England

If you are a hiker, England is a country that cannot be missed. The UK has some of the best hiking spots in the world, each more diverse than the last. If you can tolerate more rain than sun when it comes to the weather, then the trails in and around Manchester can provide easy strolls and challenging climbs. Here are four of the best spots for a hike if you are traveling to Manchester this year:

Lake District

1. Northern England

This walk, from Yorkshire to Cumbria, promises to provide amazing views and hundreds of photo opportunities. There are few walks in the UK that will allow you to traverse through so many different landscapes. The group hike takes approximately 12 days and crosses some of the most beautiful countryside in the world. Walking over 130 miles, you will pass by stone circles, walk along historic Roman highways, and enjoy nights in quaint English inns.

2. Lake District National Park

The park is perfect for groups of hikers as it has trails that are suitable to any skill level. Take a leisurely stroll over well-cleared trails, or take a hill walk through some of the more challenging areas of the park. If you want to hike for more than a single day, book one of the lovely cottages on the park’s property or camp in a barn sitting next to one of the many trails.

3. Pennine Way

Pennine Way, located just 17 miles from Manchester, is the 268-mile trail crossing through Peak District, Northumberland, and Peak District Parks. The adventurous can walk their way all the way to Scotland, or visitors can simply hike for a few miles and enjoy the scenery. Don’t open an umbrella on your hike or you just may be carried away. Gale-force winds are not uncommon on the tall hills of the trail.

4. Manchester Proper

There’s no rule that says you have to hike through hills to get a good workout. The city of Manchester is a vibrant place and a great area to backpack through. Whether you want to take in a game of football (soccer for the Americans), head to a local pub, or catch a show at one of the many theaters, Manchester offers a virtually never-ending supply of entertainment. Alternatively, you can use the city as a starting off point, booking a bed in one of the area’s hostels and taking off on foot in the morning.

Hiking is a great sport that can offer you a chance to see a country from a local’s point-of-view. Rather than cramming yourself into a bus with dozens of other tourists, lace up your hiking boots and walk the trails. Make sure that you don’t forget your camera; the photo opportunities in the English countryside are astounding.

Betty O’Reilly writes travel advice for the adventurous from her home in England. If you are traveling to Manchester to enjoy the local hiking scene, Betty recommends taking advantage of the many great local hotels by booking one at www.manchesterhotels.org.