Three Reasons You Should Travel To London During “Shoulder” Season

Budget travelers usually take advantage of the off-peak season as a way of limiting the costs of travel. Off-season travel means lower costs for airfare and also discounted rates in hotels and other forms of accommodations like to service boutique apartments.

But for experienced travelers, the best time to travel with a limited budget is not the off-peak season but the so-called shoulder season.

Shoulder season is the time that is sandwiched in between the end of the peak or high season and before the beginning of the low season. Veteran travelers swear by the shoulder season as the best time to travel. Here are three reasons why:

The atmosphere is so much more relaxed

You would think that the tourist crowds thin out during the off-peak season – but that’s not true at all. There are a lot of tourists who also want to take advantage of off-peak season rates so you’ll find a lot of tourists in the area you’re visiting. The shoulder season allows you some respite from the madding crowd because the off-peak season tourists haven’t arrived yet but the peak season tourists have already left. You can also see a marked improvement in the demeanor of shop owners and other locals. These people are usually stressed during the peak season. Sometimes their attitudes get a little prickly from the demands imposed on them but with tourists thinning out, they get more relaxed – which makes for a more pleasant experience.

Seasonal establishments are still open

In heavily visited areas many establishments only open during the peak season because that’s really the best time for them to earn. When the tourists leave, these seasonal establishments close shop and will open again during peak season. When you travel during shoulder season most of these establishments are still open as they’re still trying to get business from the last wave of tourists.

You can negotiate rates

Most of establishments may still offer peak rates during shoulder season but since business is about to slow down, owners will be more open to renegotiating the rates. This is especially true for hotels and other forms of accommodations. Ask about getting discounts or getting the off-peak rate and more often than not they’ll give you one.

About The Author

Derek Gallimore works at Boutique London Lets, a company that rents out luxury apartment London.