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Three Things To Do To Minimize Business Travel Stress

Business travellers are some of the most frequent travellers in the world but despite regular trips locally and abroad most of them have managed to settle into their routine and have become accustomed to the rigors of regular travel.

Their adaptation is based on two things – acceptance of the demands of their job and being able to find things that would make travelling less stressful.

Having talked to many business travellers three things have been commonly mentioned as having made them more composed travellers.

Packing light

Inexperienced travellers have a tendency to pack too many things for their trip. They end up with such a heavy bag that travelling not just becomes a chore, it actually becomes physically exhausting and even painful. If you are travelling for a few days just pack a few clothes and then avail of the laundry or dry cleaning service. This is a better idea compared to packing a set of clothes for each day you’re out. To help limit the total weight of your packed suitcase buy travel sized toiletries. A better alternative – as some travellers have suggested – is to buy the toiletries at your destination. This way you won’t even need to carry anything while on your trip. This also eliminates the possibility of spillage or being flagged by airport security for carrying something that does not comply with regulations.

Eliminate travel stressors

Identify the sources of stress in your travels and make plans to either eliminate them or minimize them in your next trip. For example, checking in can be a huge pain so to minimize the stress associated with it do an online check-in. Remove the trouble associated with lugging around a bag by checking in your luggage so you can walk around unimpeded. In fact, many travellers advise that checking in luggage is actually more convenient than the popular notion that a carry-on luggage is more convenient because you can leave the airport immediately. But aside from the fact that you have to carry a bag with you all the time, trying to keep the weight of your carry-on within the allowable limit is a huge pain. Trying to find space for your luggage inside the airplane cabin can also be a huge problem.

Choose the right accommodations

Being able to rest peacefully is what all business travellers want. While a hotel can be a convenient and almost instinctive choice there are actually better options out there. One of the best kept secrets of business travellers is staying at a short term serviced apartment. These apartments offer more value for money, have bigger spaces compared to cramped hotel rooms and are always located in quiet but still accessible neighborhoods.

 About The Author

Derek Gallimore is a hospitality industry veteran who is connected with a company that rents out boutique London apartments.