Tipping on Board: Doing it Right

It depends largely on your chosen cruise, but generally, tipping is fairly customary. The etiquette behind it does vary between liners and how luxurious the vacation is, which is why a basic understanding of the ‘rules’ is handy before you head onboard, so that you know you’re doing it right and can avoid any confusion or awkwardness.

Whether you’ve booked a trip on the Oasis of the Seas, having snapped up one of the Caribbean cruise offers, or you are hoping to head for Northern Europe or the Mediterranean for a week-long break, knowing how (and when) to tip during your journey can be extremely useful. Tipping policies can be confusing, particularly with the differences between liners and itineraries, so check out these tips for a little help.

Check for Pre-Paid Daily Surcharges

Some liners have started to add a daily levy to each passenger’s bill, to ensure that a surcharge is given and also to try and simplify the process for their guests. Many people like to tip voluntarily in recognition of the good service received, which can cause controversy with pre-paid tips. Be sure to check whether you’re already paying a levy before you tip even more.

Automatic Gratuities

If you’re dining in one of the on-board restaurants, check to see whether a percentage has been automatically added to your bill before you reach into your pockets for more.

Tips Included in the Ticket Price

Some liners, particularly luxury ones, are automatically adding these daily tip levies to their ticket price which can often provide great value for passengers, plus it’s already sorted, meaning no rigmarole on board.

Don’t forget that the traditional cash-in-envelopes system is still often possible – pre-paid tips and surcharges are sometimes optional and if you are particularly reluctant to be part of this approach, be sure to speak to someone onboard or before you sail.

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