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Top 10 Diving Spots In Croatia

Croatia is already known as a tourist-friendly country and the internet is full of different guides on what to visit and to experience while here.

However, not many people know that Croatia is also perfect if you want to have some more “adventurous” activities. For example, Croatia is a great place for sea-related activities, and you have a lot of places in which you can have an unforgettable experience.

This country is becoming more and more popular for its scuba diving locations and a lot of divers are coming to Croatia instead of any other exotic countries.

Bellow, we will explain you why, and we will present you 10 of greatest diving spots in Croatia.
10) Rasip – Kornati Islands

This place is located on the Southern part of the Rasip island. You cannot miss it because the diving spot is near a wall, covered in coral reefs and different sponges. As you dive more than 80 meters, you can admire some impressive marine creatures.


9) Pakleni Otoci – Hvar Island

This diving spot is very interestingly structured. For example, at 6 meters depth, you will notice a reef with brown algae and at 50 meters the reef color changes, becoming red or yellow. This diving spot is great, by its multicolored features, providing a real life show.


8) Lucice Bay – Brac Island

This is more of a spot for cave divers. At 3 meters depth, you will observe the opening to an underwater cave. The cave is really unique, and it’s “decorated” with corals, stalactites or stalagmites.

7) Bisevo Grotto – Vis Island

This is a more complex diving location which features a multitude of attractions. The opening looks like a chamber and it will lead you to a wall, full of different corals and sponges. On the rest of the diving, you will observe a bunch of little caves, “inhabited” by fish.

6) Te Vega – Susac

This is another great spot for cave divers but not only. The small opening is right above the water and you will enter the cave immediately. If you follow the tunnel, it will take you at the Te Vega lake, a sea lake surrounded by some imposing walls. The lake is also filled with impressive marine creatures, which will “welcome” you into their natural habitat.

5) Baron Gautsch – Rovinj

This is one of the Adriatic’s most beautiful wreck. This location is designed for more advanced divers, but everyone can do it with the right supervision. You will have the unique chance of visiting the actual interior of a ship, and to admire its vast interiors.

4) Margarina Reef – Susak

If you’re a beginner diver, then this is the right place for you. The place features a coral reef and if you go deeper, you will observe the remains of a sunk ship. Even if you can’t visit its interior, the overall view is just amazing.

3) Mezanj Island – Dugi Otok

This diving location is very easy to reach and at 12 meters depth, you will find the opening to an underwater cave. This cavern looks like an underwater stronghold, and it’s “guarded” by numerous marine creatures like fish, sponges or reefs.

2) Premuda – Pag

If we talked about an underwater stronghold, why not talk about an underwater Cathedral. That’s exactly how Premuda looks like. The underwater cave, illuminated by the sun waves, looks like it has a multitude of chandeliers over it. The view is amazing and if you’re brave enough, you can also visit the nearest wreck.

1) Taranto -Dubrovnik

We couldn’t talk about diving spots, without mentioning Taranto. Located near the wonderful Dubrovnik, this place a proof of what happens when nature blends with something that’s made by human. This is another sunken ship, “claimed” by the sea and inhabited now by different marine creatures. It’s without any doubt, a must see.

Photo credit: Satu T. & Markus R. (Flickr)

Croatia is a great place for scuba divers, even if they are advanced or beginners. For a more intense experience, you should rent a boat from a local charter and to live the true freedom that scuba diving is offering. You will also get there easier and you will feel more independent while enjoying these natural wonders.