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Top Asian Cruises Worth Taking with Your Family

Going on a cruise tour is one relaxing vacation a family can take. There’s no rush feeling and the greatest benefit is that you get to visit several countries in one trip.

Various cruise lines today offer Asian cruises. Some have big ships while the others use smaller ships. Regardless of the ship size, though, what matters is you choose properly the destinations you prefer and get on board a ship that provides tour packages you can afford. To those who have more, the luxury cruise lines are strongly recommended.


Star Cruises is very popular and the leading cruise line in Asia-Pacific. Owned by Genting Hong Kong, its current fleet is composed of four ships that travel around the region such as Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia. SuperStar Virgo is its biggest ship while Star Pisces is the smallest.

Royal Caribbean International (RCI) is another well known cruise line that covers Asia. A Norwegian and American cruise line, RCI is based in Miami, Florida and currently has a fleet of 22 ships with each of their names having “of the Seas” in the end. Among its vessels that travel to the Far East are Voyager of the Seas, Mariner of the Seas and Legend of the Seas. Countries they sail to are Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Holland American Line also offers cruise tours in various parts of Asia. This cruise line has 15 mid-sized ships equipped with modern facilities. Passengers can choose a particular region only or choose different itineraries. Holland America Asian cruises tour Beijing and Shanghai in China, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.

Oceania Cruises also offers tours that take passengers to Bangkok, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Dubai, Beijing and Hong Kong in China and Singapore. The cruise tours can be as long as 25 days or as short as 17 days. Most of them will take you to historical sites such as the ruins to experience the rich cultural of the country you’re visiting.

Bringing your family on a cruise tour is one great holiday that provides all the members memorable bonding moments.

For those wanting to go on an Asian cruise tour without the rains, the months from October to May are most ideal. This is the time that you can enjoy the warm weather in your preferred destinations. Cruises for countries with colder climate such as China and Japan are normally scheduled from March to May or during the northern spring season.

About the guest author:
Rick is a fulltime professor in Thailand who just went on a cruise tour with his family. He thought it best to study Thai a few weeks after arriving in the country to build a better relationship with the Thais.

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